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Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Why is it so difficult to find good yield these days? 130-plus dividend-focused equity products, 300-plus bond products and a host of other income plays on preferred stocks, alternative assets and more. But ETFs that offer substantial yield? In fact, of the roughly 2,000 ETFs that ETFdb. Still, yield hunters have a few options to choose from. Investors just have to be willing to overlook a few pimples and provisos, and in some cases, get a little kinky. From an income perspective, they’re glorified Treasury funds right now. DIV compiles these holdings by seeking out the highest-yielding dividend stocks on the market, then screens to include stocks that have paid out consistently for at least two years, then screens to seek out companies with lower relative volatility.

Those and many other DIV constituents are rebounding this year. Since inception in March 2013, DIV has gained a respectable 26. P 500 has returned more than double that at 56. This year alone, SPY has outperformed DIV 12. DIV’s yield is nice, but it often comes at a price. ETFs that actually delve into double-digit yields. Well, many closed-end funds tend to invest in high-income assets such as munibonds and junk bonds.

But all CEFs pay out quarterly distributions that include not just dividend income, but capital gains. That’s how multi-asset ETFs like YYY can boast such thick yields. Of course, that’s also how YYY lists such a large expense ratio. The fund’s management fee is just 0. 30 right now, has returned 15. P 500 by more than a percentage point. But then, this has been a good year for stocks and many high-yield bonds simultaneously. That’s the current annualized yield of this exchange-traded note, and like the other funds listed here, there are a few caveats investors must be aware of before jumping in. GLDI only produced a total return of 13.

February through December 2015, GLDI only lost 12. That’s because many stocks and funds sport high yields for a reason. Maybe it’s because they’re compensating for excessive risk. Or it could just be a function of math. As we enter 2017, I’ve been bombarded with questions about getting income and retirement portfolios ready for next year and far, far beyond.

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Suggest also have a look at E, 1869 while NAV of Quantum Gold is Rs. Solution For: Parking your surplus money for the short term. Also you can apply for an IPO and FPO through ASBA, let alone 5 years from now.

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People want to know how to get the same kind of market returns we’ve seen this year, even when the market isn’t doing so hot. I have just one answer: Dividend growth. They’re the kind of holdings designed to capture market upside when it’s there, but to shield your nest egg when it’s not. Today they serve more than 26,000 business users combined.

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