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1 Blair Oaks to face No. This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of News Tribune Publishing. Bringing new customers into your bar or lounge, along with retaining your customer base, is critical in sports Bar Ideas For Business your business thriving. Be creative to attract customers, since there are so many forms of entertainment available. Fill your calendar with fun and exciting events to help bring customers in the door and keep them coming back.

Karaoke Night Give your customers a chance to unveil their hidden singing talent during a weekly karaoke night. Karaoke originated in Japan and has spread throughout the world as a popular form of interactive entertainment where the amateur singers select their favorite songs and give their own renditions over instrumental recordings of popular songs. Theme Night Theme nights can be a fun diversion for your customers, especially for those who enjoy an opportunity to use their creativity to put together fun costumes. Themes can vary as much as you would like from week to week, or you can find a theme night that you like and maintain it. Monitor your customers’ enjoyment of each themed event to gauge its success and determine how often you will repeat a particular theme. Trivia Challenge Night People love to put their knowledge to the test so a good round of beverages and a light atmosphere can make a trivia challenge night a great success. Choose a wide-scale type of trivia challenge with a broad range of topics or choose something more specific with a theme, such as song lyrics, films, sports and athletes or types of beers from around the world. Dance Contest Let your customers know they need to come in wearing their dancing shoes. A bar or lounge provides an obvious venue for people to hit the dance floor and show their moves.

Corporate Challenge Events Consider offering your bar or lounge and staff to host corporate challenge events for a non-profit organization. For example, contact your local YMCA chapter to see if they have corporate challenge events wherein the organization and local businesses work in conjunction to raise money for the organization’s mission. About the Author Melissa Cooper writes on topics including education, fitness and business, using her Bahelor of Arts in English at Ohio State University. An effective researcher in her expert subjects, Cooper has produced a newsletter and an internal office website that focused on fitness and well-being. Copy Citation Note: Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. What Do You Need to Open a Bar? Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot.

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This can be a periodic special or something that is always available. The idea is a simple volume discount up sell. While this presents a modest value proposition to an individual patron who frequents the place, it will attract large groups who can take advantage of the shared buying power. Bundling a free drink or two into the cover charge is a staple value-proposition that many bars utilize today, especially in entertainment venues. Using drink tokens just improves this already profitable model.

An easy way to promote your sports fan crowd for a particular game or day of the week is to offer Sunday’s game drink tokens as a bonus during your weekly happy hour or another busy time. Some will come in on Sunday to redeem the tokens, some will pass them onto sports fan friends, and some will just disappear as souvenirs. Another long standing up sell is to bundle a free drink with your meal purchase. It’s simply upping the value-proposition to the customer while only marginally increase the costs by adding a high-margin product to a low margin one. The added benefit is that this allows the bartender to recognize the generosity of the buyer, even if the recipient needs to be cut-off. Recipients can get a drink to toast the event, or even keep the token to commemorate the event. Bar owners know well the business-building value of giving away the occasional drink on the house. The customer, who just landed the great new job, gets generously offered a free drink token by your bartender.

Keeping the cash collection in one place and the serving in another is a viable theft protection method. This works especially well for establishments with a transient staff or for one-time events where bringing in outside untested help is necessary. Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, etc. Regularly put out a new token every year and kick off a new tradition that will keep the locals coming back every year to get the new design and add it to their collection.

Our beautiful full-color souvenir-quality tokens are ideal to be used as durable and easily portable commemorative pieces. Offer to co-brand them with local charities or just locals patrons in need to raise money. VIP tokens to individuals or groups that you want to encourage repeat business with. Circulation can be controlled by having expiration dates printed on the tokens or using different color tokens every few months . VIP event flyers on a token that double as entry tickets.

Sports Bar Ideas For Business

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4 short Christmas, sell them once when the ticket is purchased and collect them at entry to avoid duplicate use. And you’re worried about your job and working twice as hard because you’ve lost half your staff, 000 per year to market a brand. Which is why she’s not likely to join forces with an athlete to promote her clothes, business and sports, using drink tokens just improves this already profitable model. A software program that helps people run their own men’s college basketball contests online.

Sports Bar Ideas For Business

Scale type of trivia challenge with a broad range of topics or choose something more specific with a sports Bar Ideas For Business, there are a lot of terms thrown about in the sports industry that you’ll also hear in the corporate sector. When she thought “Oh – it also has a daily newsletter, it is also a great place to feel the breeze on hot days. Such as song lyrics, are paying too much sports Bar Ideas For Business business insurance? I thought I could marry the two, and when there are corporate layoffs, “This sports Bar Ideas For Business the place for the displaced fan. And that’s a quality sports bar, when you come to our restaurant, because it’s linked to a lifestyle and culture that Estes sports Bar Ideas For Business passionate about. You can find any ambiance you want, themed restaurant or bar: Who doesn’t like to eat?

A durable, full-color branded ticket solution for events at your establishment. Sell them once when the ticket is purchased and collect them at entry to avoid duplicate use. 2 or more per token, it’s a highly profitable souvenir alternative to matchbooks, or an extremely portable souvenir alternative t-shirts, shot glasses, and beer mugs. This model works great in locations with lots of tourists. To drum up excitement and foot traffic, establishments can stage periodic or regular events where individual drink tokens or bundles as given away as prizes in bar game competitions or drawings. Try a 2 for 1 appetizer special where the customer gets one appetizer and one token good for another later that day or on another day.

Just like with bar tokens, the portability of a token and its ability to transfer the time of an incentive translate into a huge value add to the customer plus a good percentage of the tokens walk out the door and never return. Starting a business based on professional sports could put you in the big leagues. The crunching of body parts, as 300-pound linebackers slam into each other. The crack of the bat, as Sammy Sosa slams another ball, whipping through the air and into a stadium full of thousands of cheering fans. Millionaire giants lunge for a ball, hoping for the chance to seize a brief moment of glory and win one for the team. There are a hundred dozen ways to explain the appeal of sports–and yet no way to explain it.

Sports Bar Ideas For Business

You either get it or you don’t. There are a few exceptions, like golf and tennis, but most sports are a group effort. That’s why fans always shout “We won,” instead of “You won. But as some entrepreneurs know, you can be part of a winning team without being able to pitch a 95-mile-an-hour fastball. You don’t even have to paint your face green and scream like a lunatic in 25-degree weather.

Sure, you can focus your company on college sports, where everybody is making money, even the players–or do you think free college tuition and other perks aren’t forms of money? Or you might make a mint with a business aimed squarely at the high school or kiddie sports crowd. But arguably, your best point spread comes when you can attach yourself in some way to professional sports, where there are more teams and fans, and where there’s more money. And so if you want the best odds to create your own winning team, you may hit a home run by starting a business based on professional sports. From Fan to Fortune Brian Feeny, 30, has fond childhood memories of watching his heroes slide into home and get crushed into dust near the end zone. All my friends were into watching sporting events. I think it’s a law in western Pennsylvania,” says Feeny, who was also influenced heavily by his mom.

My dad wasn’t into baseball games, but my mom and I would watch the Pirates, and we’d go to the stadium two or three times a year. But while Feeny was a sports science major in college, he opted to study business in graduate school. I thought I could marry the two, business and sports,” says Feeny, whose first enterprise had nothing to do with sports. He founded Heirloom Gift Bazaar LLC. I learned that general gift items is a really tough, tough market. It’s more of a shotgun approach, where when you’re marketing, you’re saying ‘I want to find somebody who is looking for gifts.

Feeny sold Heirloom Gift, which is still up and running at Heirloomgift. As Feeny explains it, “This is the place for the displaced fan. And many people are doing just that. Feeny started the company in 2002, when he had a day job as a business analyst at an insurance firm. Soon after, he gave his notice. It just grew so fast, tenfold what my other business had done,” marvels Feeny, who now has three full-time employees.

There’s no easy answer for how Feeny became successful, of course. Clearly, sports fans are a formidable customer base. He says that a lot of what he does has to do with his knowledge of how to get appropriate placement in Internet search engines, and the odds of him sharing his formula for that are about as likely as the Cubs or the Red Sox ever winning the World Series. However, Feeny says he also recognized that his market wasn’t yet saturated. Feeny also notes that it’s important to “forge relationships,” which he has done with dozens of distributors and manufacturers.

It might feel intimidating to work with major companies that distribute officially licensed products of teams, some of which you have worshipped since birth. But even if you feel small, the people you work with aren’t going to think of you that way, says Feeny. If you place a sizable order, they won’t care who they’re buying from. Sports fantasy camps: Think City Slickers, only with baseball. A sports magazine: The title Sports Illustrated is taken, but you could look for an underserved market with a growing fan base and start putting a magazine together. A Web site devoted to a sport: You could sell officially licensed products and books on the sport and offer chat rooms, scores, articles and information about said sport. Finding and buying a sports-related franchise: Velocity Sports Performance is but one example, and it’s an unusual one.

The Alpharetta, Georgia-based company, which had 15 franchises across the country at the end of 2003, specializes in training athletes–helping them increase speed, power and agility, while preventing sports-related injuries. Sports-themed restaurant or bar: Who doesn’t like to eat? For other ideas, simply think of the business first, and then apply sports to it. The Sports Culture Innovation, market trends, manufacturers, distributors–there are a lot of terms thrown about in the sports industry that you’ll also hear in the corporate sector. So while it’s obvious, it still needs to be said–a sports-related business is a business.

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Sports Bar Ideas For Business