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Starting a large business is fine. Provided, you have ample capital and other resources required. However, a glimpse into most large business houses of India reveals, they started as small scale manufacturers and expanded over time. Small Scale Business Ideas often than not, it can be pretty difficult to find capital to start a business. Given this scenario, the best option is to start a small scale business.

Generally, such businesses require capital up to Rs. Indeed, products made by small scale industries are in greater demand since product quality is often higher and prices rather competitive. We have already discussed 131 great business ideas with low investment here. Here we look at 25 great small scale manufacturing business ideas, which can help fulfill your dreams of becoming rich. 1: Manufacturing Herbal Hair Oil Admittedly, a lot of brands of herbal hair oils that promise near miracle cures for problems such as hair loss, hair fall and healthy hair are available in the market. This tends to confuse consumers about which product will offer them best results. There are several traditional formulae for herbal hair oils which seem to be overlooked by large manufacturers. Should you possess any such traditional recipe that prevents or reduces hair loss and greying, you can enter this business. It does not require a lot of manpower.

All you require to setup this manufacturing business are proper recipes and basic equipment that includes a gas stove, utensils and plastic sheets for drying. And of course, the basic ingredients that go into these foodstuff such as flour, sago and spices. You might also need food grade plastic wrappers and a sealing machine. These are available at fairly low prices in the market. Papads and sago fritters made at home or by small scale manufacturers are readily bought by stores or cooperatives who sell them at a premium. 3: Manufacturing Exotic soaps India is a land of exotic herbs and spices that possess medicinal qualities. Lots of these herbs and spices have beneficial effects when applied on the skin.

Further, Indians, by nature, lay heavy emphasis on bathing and freshness every morning. All you need is little study into beneficial effects of certain herbs and spices on the skin and blended with the simple process of making soap. Making exotic bathing soaps can help you enter the small scale manufacturing business that promises rich returns. 4: Manufacturing Handmade chocolates You and I love chocolates and so does almost everyone. Moreover, they have a ready market since people always wish to try newer variants and exotic flavors. You can let your culinary imagination run wild and make chocolates with the flavor of any spice or fruit. Chocolates also make ideal gifts during festive season and special occasions. You can take orders for special varieties as well as sell regular ones through cake and pastry shops.

Assuredly, there are several pastry shops who buy handmade chocolates from small scale industries. Understandably, people look for newer tastes and varieties than those offered by large companies. 6: Cottage butter, paneer and ghee Nowadays, we are all accustomed to salted butter manufactured by large companies. Of course, a few varieties of unsalted butter are also available. Despite, there are no manufacturers of cottage butter, as it is called. Cottage butter can be described as that derived from churning buttermilk. Furthermore, Indians are large consumers of paneer- or milk casein, derived by splitting milk.

Small Scale Business Ideas

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But to houses in a particular neighborhood — derived by splitting milk. For business cards — this could be a very satisfying way to make some good money. And probably the owners of some types or dogs, a lot of cotton products including ear, hand items because they are affordable and fit their budget.

Small Scale Business Ideas

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Small Scale Business Ideas

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Small Scale Business Ideas

Traditional, homemade ghee or clarified butter, as it is called abroad, also has a great market in India. With milk- both from cow and buffalo in abundant supply, a small scale manufacturing business to produce cottage butter, paneer and ghee is sure to succeed. Agarbatti Over decades, the state of Karnataka, especially the city of Bengaluru, held sway over the incense sticks or agarbatti manufacture in India. Primarily, this was due to easier availability of raw material in that region. Nowadays, with superior transport facilities leading to easier access to raw material, agarbatti manufacturing business idea is rapidly spreading to other parts of India. The agarbatti market in India is estimated at whopping Rs.

Indian-made agarbattis are also making rapid inroads into foreign countries. Agarbatti manufacturing is one of the small scale manufacturing businesses that show promise of exponential growth over coming years. With power failures rampant in several parts of India, candles are in great demand. Understandably, there is a huge market for candles of all shapes and sizes.

Nowadays, one can buy small candles used on birthday cakes to jumbo sized ones used for providing light during power outages. Candles are also used for religious ceremonies and rituals. Additionally, a huge market for other wax products for offering at churches and other religious shrines or for decorative purpose also exists. Making candles and wax products is fairly easy and has a ready market across the country. This makes candle and wax products making a great small scale industry idea.

9: Candy and hard-boiled sugar confectionery Interestingly, large manufacturers seem to have relegated the candy and hard-boiled sugar confectionary market in India to the backseat. Of course, there are quite a few large players in the market, but small scale manufacturers seem to dominate this fairly unorganized market. Machinery to make candy and hard-boiled sugar confectionery is readily available and can be easily set up at any small premise. Furthermore, basic inmanufacturers are readily available anywhere.

Moreover, there exists a large market for such candy and confectiogredients that include sugar, glucose syrup, approved food colors and flavors from reputed nery on the Indian Railway network, where stalls at station sell such inexpensive products to travelers. A great example of small scale manufacturing business of soda of all types- plain and flavored can be seen in the state of Goa. 5, you can buy a 300ml glass bottle of plain soda while orange, lemon, strawberry and other flavored variants cost Rs. In comparison, plain soda from large manufacturers costs Rs. 10 and upwards while flavored soft drinks are priced around Rs. Interestingly, there are over two dozen small scale soda manufacturers in Goa but each of them has a fair share of the business. This is evident from the fact they have been in business since decades.

Admittedly, there are large players in the market but the Goa example aptly reveals there is scope for small scale manufacture too. 11: Fruit pulp manufacturing Shockingly, millions of rupees worth high quality fruits are wasted in India annually. Primarily, this wastage occurs due to the absence of an advanced cold chain logistic system. Sufficient refrigerated trucks and warehouses are not available to store surplus produce. You can benefit from this malady by opening a small scale manufacturing business of producing fruit pulp. High quality fruit pulp is in great demand among large scale ice-cream manufacturers, sweet makers, restaurants and star rated hotels as well as individual customers. The demand for pulp of seasonal fruits such as mango is said to be rather high, especially from reputed ice-cream manufacturers and Indian sweet makers.

12: Dehydrated, frozen vegetables As explained earlier, India is known to waste large quantities of fresh produce. This also holds good for vegetables. Colossal quantities of high quality vegetables that end up in trash daily can be put to good use, merely if they are dehydrated and frozen. For example, dried tomato, dehydrated onions, frozen green peas and cut beans are in great demand. Hence, a huge domestic and export market for dehydrated and frozen vegetable exists.