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BASF New Business identifies and opens up new areas of industry beyond the core activities of BASF. Innovations determine our entire lives, on both a personal and a professional level. It takes a great deal of courage, creativity, flexibility and perseverance to track down a potentially ground-breaking innovation, develop it for market roll-out and ultimately establish it successfully in the market. BASF New Business GmbH pursues this objective in the field of chemistry, consistently focusing on finding solutions to significant problems raised by customers in existing or emerging markets. To this end, we start by analyzing industry segments that show innovation potential, with a view to trends as well as unsolved problems throughout the value chain. Find out more about our solutions and business build-ups. See our current job offers by introducing the keyword “BASF New Business GmbH”.

Start-ups worldwide can apply with their solutions. 100,000 budget will be allocated in pilot projects. The best solutions are rolled out across the company. BASF makes life more colourful – at least since 1869 with the development of inexpensive, synthetic dyes. Colourful clothing, which until then was produced from expensive natural dyestuff, is from then on no longer privilege of the rich and powerful. In 1897, BASF launches its masterpiece: the synthetic Indigo.

BASF wishes our colleagues in the U. What do a fridge drawer, cheese packaging and polystyrene have in common? They all can be produced from recycled plastic waste. One of the most important components of lithium-ion batteries are cathode active materials. They determine efficiency, reliability, cost, durability and the size of the battery. BASF is a leading cathode active material supplier to battery producers.

BASF today published its new corporate strategy. To grow faster, BASF will have an even stronger focus on its customers and develop tailor-made offerings for them. With the aim of becoming faster and more flexible, the company will significantly simplify structures and processes, sharpen its portfolio and strengthen the Verbund. BASF rely on the best team. BASF and in Europe as a whole.

New Business Ideas In Germany

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New Business Ideas In Germany

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New Business Ideas In Germany

On Monday we celebrated 100 years of women’s suffrage in Germany! Wir sind sehr an einem umfassenden Dialog interessiert. Meine Kollegen kommen mit Vorschlägen auf Sie zu. Dear Twitpic Community – thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Theresa May hasn’t sold out Gibraltar. The Brexit vote did that There is now no way forward – not even staying in the European Union – without negative implications for the people of Gibraltar. Could the DUP back a soft Brexit? More interesting than anything Arlene Foster said in her party conference speech was an admission that the DUP was not opposed to a Norway-style Brexit.

Why a council by-election in Antrim could lead to an early election or a no-deal Brexit Arlene Foster has increased the pressure on Theresa May again. Tories could benefit Arlene Foster, the DUP’s leader, has suggested that the Conservatives might find themselves forced into an election in 2019. Tommy Robinson’s Ukip appointment will allow him to exploit the anger of hard Brexiteers And the media isn’t helping. Our democracy will struggle to survive the strain of transition A Labour MEP on why it’s time for a people’s vote. The former Democratic presidential candidate said that stopping populism would mean curbing immigration. No, Nigel Farage, you boosted the far right more than Tommy Robinson ever did His attack on Ukip for appointing the former EDL leader as an adviser is hypocritical. Could market panic convince MPs to vote for a Brexit deal?

Theresa May’s deal isn’t going to pass. Menu IconA vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines. Winter is only halfway done, but while they’ve been stuck indoors, entrepreneurs have been busy churning out some amazing new business concepts. Each day, we scour the web for these daily million-dollar ideas and ask you to vote for them. Here is a list of the fifteen hottest ones we’ve seen this winter, based on readers’ votes. The idea: Can’t remember if you committed a sin today? Confession: A Roman Catholic App will not only identify your wrongdoings, it will also keep track of your sinning ways.

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New Business Ideas In Germany

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99 app helps users examine their consciences by listing the 10 Commandments and asking users password-protected questions about their lives related to the rules of Christianity. Users can check off questions such as “Have I encouraged anyone to have an abortion? Have I abused alcohol or drugs? And in case you don’t know what to do once you’re there, it also provides the proper responses for the process of confession itself. Why this idea is brilliant: Tech savvy Christians may snap up this app, which its designers say was approved by senior church officials in the US and the UK.

According to a press release, it was created in response to Pope Benedict’s recent message encouraging Christians to embrace digital technology. Who knew an app would be your ticket to salvation? The idea: If you’re late to a movie, this app will help you find a seat in a dark movie theater. Chances are this has happened to you: arriving late, you peer into the dark theater and pace the aisles or submit yourself to a sore neck in the front row.

The program, which can be displayed on an outside screen or as an app, shows a replica of the theater seats. A green dot means the seat is available, yellow means they’re reserved by people who have gotten up and left an item behind and red dots are occupied seats. The inventor declined to explain how the technology works, however he said a few companies have expressed interest in his idea and he hopes to eventually see it used in theaters. Why it’s brilliant: Latecomers will appreciate being able to sit down quickly and theater owners may sell more tickets if customers know there are an ample number of available seats . On the flip side, knowing that only the front row is available could be a huge turnoff, which theater owners will probably want to address.

The idea: Embedding motion sensors and pattern-recognition software inside a basketball so that it can calculate bounces, ball spin rate, and velocity down to the millisecond. The 94Fifty basketball wirelessly transmits data to a computer, which produces a report of each shot and an analysis of your performance. A soccer ball will roll out next year, a golf club will generate stroke analysis, and a baseball bat may break down swing mechanics. 95 annual data management fee per player. Why it’s brilliant: Practice makes perfect, and by measuring patterns in how a player handles a ball, coaches get a better understanding of areas the player needs to improve on.