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A preview of the upcoming Contractor and Freelancer Bounty Packs coming to the Cartel Market on Aug 21 with Patch 2. Ingame images are taken from SWTOR facebook. OMG MUST HAVE SION AND CYBER ARMOR NOW! Hey Dulfy thanks for the new pics! Any chance you could give us a preview of the is It Possible To Make Money From Freelancer.Com armour on male characters?

I must have cyber armor, hot orange crystal, varactyl, vandal armor , and morlinger mount . Maybe the ugliest item I’ve seen in this game so far. And there are many ugly items. We already have a ton of pets that look like frogs. The color blind person at bioware is still responsible for color crystals. I hope they aren’t too rare and are a toggle so you can sit as long as you want.

One of them should be complimentary, the other should be dumped into a pack, why the hell are people nodding and going okay at sticking a basic emote behind a cash wall? And in the next pack, an orange orange color crystal and a not-so-orange, but still orange color crystal. Once again, EAware has given me a reason to buy cartel packs, and once again, I will buy them. So has anyone actually found a Hot Orange crystal? Any idea when the rep for the Cartel Market resets? Thought they were going to change it in time. Ofc, they stick the fucking chair emote in a cash pack. You gave a fuck enough to respond. Must have for me are the Veractyl mount and the Hyrotti Racer and Orlean Patrior speeders, as well as the emotes.

So there’s only one sort of varactyl in the pack? 3 more variants, I’m guessing those 3 other colour variants may be acquired outside of the CM? Thanks again Dulfy for posting this! Just noticed, Did they change the size of the Varactyl? Not sure if they changed it or just bugged in the preview window.

You can’t even mount it in the preview window. This is all the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. That new assault cannon looks incredible! Why the preview of cristals is so diferent from the visual in game? Pretty sure the bounty packs give certificates. This is the first pack in a while i think i will buy loads of stuff i like this time! Bloody hell, I want EVERYTHING from this pack.

The best pack ive seen so far. So instead of just fixing the issues with sitting in chairs they decide to make it an emote and one that we have to pay for. That is low and pretty sad. The emotes are way more common than any of the cartel items people want, and are effectively junk.

Is It Possible To Make Money From Freelancer.Com

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Is It Possible To Make Money From Freelancer.Com

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It is not about buying an emote with Cartel Coins or Credits off the GTN. We have been asking a while now for them to fix the chairs so that we can sit in them. In an MMO like this we should be able to just walk into a Cantina and click on a chair in order to be able to sit in it. In any case is a a cheap way to try and get us over asking for the ability to sit in chairs. Which is pretty low and pretty sad in my opinion. That is just how I feel about it.

I doubt I will change my opinion on this any time soon. This seems like a good compromise. Do these packs still drop the usual rep stuff as well? Ahhhh so psyched for the Mandalore gear! Is the unffetted trench coat really that open in the middle or is this something new that can be worn over something else?

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Is It Possible To Make Money From Freelancer.Com

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