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CGAP provided an update to this article in October 2014. I am often struck by how many people fail to be inspired, or even doubt M-PESA. Skepticism is how To Withdraw Money From Equity Account To Mpesa bred from lack of information. What about you, how much do you really know about how M-PESA actually works? Here are 10 things you may have thought you knew about M-PESA!

The funds are deposited in several commercial banks, which are prudentially regulated in Kenya. In addition, the funds are held by a Trust and are therefore out of reach from Safaricom, which cannot access or use them. In the unfortunate event of Safaricom going bankrupt, the creditors of Safaricom would not have access to the M-PESA funds. This is a requirement from the Central Bank of Kenya which oversees M-PESA. The funds remain at all times the property of M-PESA users. In terms of monetary aggregates, the mobile money stored and moved by M-PESA customers is counted as part of M1. Each and every transaction done on the M-PESA platform is electronic and can therefore be monitored by Safaricom, which runs its own bank-grade anti-money laundering system. Even a cash-in or a cash-out operation has an electronic leg and is captured by the system. The Central Bank of Kenya gets regular reports on M-PESA transactions, as it does from other payment service providers.

The accumulated balance of all the M-PESA accounts represents just 0. M-PESA is far from exerting a systemic risk. M-PESA’s success means there is a real need for small electronic transactions and storage of value. They are investing their own working capital and are not intermediating someone else’s funds. For cash-out operations, they sell their cash and buy mobile money instead. Consequently, the cash and M-PESA balances that cash merchants manage and store are always their own. The M-PESA cash merchants are recruited by Safaricom after a due diligence process and put under specific training. They are regularly monitored and re-trained, and Safaricom aims to visit them on-site every two weeks.

The same process is applied to all cash merchants so that any customer anywhere in Kenya has the same experience at any cash merchant. Financial literacy efforts related to M-PESA would not be efficient in addressing this problem. To open an M-PESA account, all customers have to identify themselves with an original identification document. Retailers are specifically trained to perform registrations and can be suspended if they do not identify customers properly. In fact, customers have to show their ID card any time they do a transaction. Actually, you’re right on this one, M-PESA does not equate financial inclusion. Poor people need a wide variety of different financial services, including savings, and the ability to transact, no matter how efficiently, is not enough. But let’s be clear about the objective here: it is access. M-PESA is the mechanism through which financial inclusion can be delivered.

So it is the means, not the end. Correct again: criminals can very well use M-PESA. They can certainly decide to use a payment platform which limits daily transactions, requires identification, monitors any single transaction and knows the localization of the device used for the transaction. Systems like M-PESA are no more than a transactional and store of value platform, but no less either, and need to be licensed and supervised as such. As they don’t invest the public’s money, they can make do with a lighter regulatory treatment than full banks.

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And Safaricom aims to visit them on, recipients must present ID along with their mobile phone number and a user, pesa since the beginning of the launch had identified their P2P transaction would make big success as now they have. The Central Bank of Kenya gets regular reports on M, the suggested minimum balance you need on your Mpesa account for you to transact the amount entered. PESA account holder agreement that explicitly says states that Safaricom bears no responsibility or liability for any default or negligence on the part of agents providing M, both registered and unregistered MPesa users can withdraw money sent to them from any MPesa Agent anywhere in Kenya.

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Remember, their role is not intermediation, it is access. How Regulators Can Foster More Responsible Digital Credit Regulators can help ensure digital credit helps, rather than harms, poor customers by taking these steps. Using a Gamified Solution to Incentivize Mobile Money Agents Empowering mobile money agents to provide exceptional customer service can be challenging. In Indonesia, BTPN has an innovative solution that uses gamification. Responsible Digital Credit for Merchants: Insights from Kenya As digital credit expands rapidly in East Africa and elsewhere, offering credit responsibly is becoming increasingly important.

These insights from Kenyan merchants who use Kopo Kopo’s Grow cash advance product point toward some best practices for digital merchant credit. THis however is not just mobile banking, but a situation where the joys and benefits of m-pesa are now upscaled in several ways to work for an incorporated bank account. Deposits are not backed by the government. In fact there’s fine print in the M-PESA account holder agreement that explicitly says states that Safaricom bears no responsibility or liability for any default or negligence on the part of agents providing M-PESA services. In other words, if your money “disappears”, it’s gone.

No one is liable, except I suppose the customer. And if you’re a low-income customer – that’s a huge risk. M-Pesa fee structure is not designed to reach the very bottom of the “pyramid”. To be honest, I am struck by your statement that you are surprised that many people are skeptical – and your allusion that those people are ignorant. M-Pesa has been a grand success, no doubt – however, there are lessons to be learnt from that – lessons that can be incorporated into the next big mobile money opportunity. Just because M-Pesa is a success does not mean it’s the perfect model with no scope for improvement.

Also, I am not sure how far it gets you as a funder – if you brandish off those who have a different view or opinion on matters. Sunny has a point as well. I am financial education practitioner and own a shop that is an agency. So, I can say I am a sub-agent because I work under a dealer. Mpesa earnings that the dealer earns from my outlet.

I invested Ksh 100,000 at the onset and that is the money that I turn over. I thought M-Pesa the only place to learn success in Mobile Money, in fact now there more to learn from other providers which more fit to the condition in each country. I thought the formula for being successful is just like copy and paste for making success in other countries. In fact each Mobile Money provider will have their own business model to make it grows and succecessful. I thought M – Pesa since the beginning of the launch had identified their P2P transaction would make big success as now they have. In fact at the beginning they launched the product was for air time top up before finally they found that P2P is the killer apps. Can M-PESA be used to make purchases over the Internet?

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09 November 2015 Submitted by Frankline kirui. Yes but it depends in which country you are living in in east africa e. Kenya has some advanced Mpesa technology you can pay for your shopping at the mall with Mpesa,pay meals subscribe to some international services online and buy staff online for a few websites that allow Mpesa payment. I regularly talk about the great example set by M-Pesa and the opportunity for similar systems to improve financial inclusion in other emerging markets and this is the best summary that I’ve seen yet of all the objections I’ve heard over the years. Financial inclusion still remains significant in determining the growth of economies.

I have used Mpesa for almost 6 years now and the services they give are the best. Instant messages at any place and they notifys their customers when there are technical problems though miminal. I just heard of M-Pesa via a television show and had so many questions. As an AML consultant and professional it just did not make sense that you could transmit funds from person to person via mobile phones, but the funds were completely not tied to ant banking system and were totally free of regulations and oversight. In reply to This is very interesting. To withdraw, you go to an MPESA Agent, which is a small shop where you withdraw the actual dollar bill. Mpesa is all you need to have for your day-in, day-out financial transactions.

Its easy to use, cheap, convenient, fast and reliable. Credit card penetration has grown dismally in most cash based economies so Mpesa could be the link. As well as Mr Sunny was doubt of financial fraud in the M_PSA system. So I will only gives advice on Technology in most sensitive information financial services has to be innovative products then discovery deteriorating. Mpesa Calculator 2018 gives you the transaction cost rates and Mpesa charges used by Safaricom. Find the Mpesa charges 2018 on the boxes below the first input box on the MPESA COST CALCULATOR. USING MPESA COST CALCULATOR IS EASY.

Put the desired cash amount on the first input box below to get the cost of your Mpesa transaction. Mpesa Sending charges to an Mpesa Registered User. While sending cash to an Unregistered Mpesa the second field will give you the sending charges. Withdrawal charges when withdrawing MPESA from an Mpesa Agent. The cost to Withdraw MPESA from an ATM.

The minimum balance you need in your MPesa Account to complete the wanted transaction. The maximum amount you can withdraw from an Mpesa Agent for the amount you entered. The suggested minimum balance you need on your Mpesa account for you to transact the amount entered. MPesa Cost Calculator 2018 automatically shows the Safaricom MPesa Charges. Most of all the costs for sending money to a Registered MPesa user using Mpesa, are given using Safaricom’s up to date MPesa rates.

First of all, the cost to Send money to an unregistered user is higher than when sending cash to a registered user. Furthermore it is wise to always send cash to registered Mpesa user, since this will save you money and it is also more safe. The maximum amount you can send to an unregistered user using MPesa is KSh35,000. Both registered and unregistered MPesa users can withdraw money sent to them from any MPesa Agent anywhere in Kenya. The smallest amount any user can withdraw is KSh50. In addition MPesa fees for agent withdrawals are the same for both registered and unregistered users.