How To Trade Money On Steam

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How To Trade Money On Steam

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How To Trade Money On Steam

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You have successfully emailed the post. Top US allies like Canada and France are irked by President Donald Trump’s tariffs. Some are suggesting they retaliate by targeting Trump’s businesses. Experts say this would be difficult but not impossible to pull off. But so far these responses have done little to deter Trump from moving forward with his trade agenda, prompting the the consideration of an outside-the-box response for an outside-the-box president. Meanwhile, the countries appear to have little immediate recourse elsewhere, other than to try and negotiate with the Trump administration. Several countries have lodged a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization regarding the tariffs, but WTO cases take years to resolve.

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Debbie Shon, an international trade lawyer at Quinn Emanuel and a former official in the US Trade Representative’s office under President Bill Clinton, said that effectively hitting Trump’s businesses using trade actions — while legal — would be difficult. Looking at Trump’s businesses, I’m not sure what goods he sells that could be subject to tariffs or how you could use trade actions to hit his businesses unless you really tailored some sort of measure targeting key industries like real estate,” Shon told Business Insider. That would force any country trying to go after Trump to get creative with their response. Scott Gilmore, a social entrepreneur and former Canadian diplomat, suggested in Maclean’s that Canada should use anti-corruption laws to pressure Trump on trade. A Trump-branded skyscraper in Vancouver represents the president’s most prominent business venture in the country. I propose that instead of taxing the import of American serviettes, we tax Trump,” Gilmore said.

In the spirit of the Magnitsky Act, Canada and the western allies come together to collectively pressure the only pain point that matters to this President: his family and their assets. Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Specifically, Gillmore suggested the use of Canada’s Justice for Victims of Corrupt Foreign Officials Act, also known as the Magnitsky Act. The law was designed to punish foreign officials engaged in corruption by allowing the Canadian government to crack down on their businesses. Gilmore’s suggestion picked up enough steam to gain the attention of Canada’s lawmakers.

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