How To Manage My Money And Save

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Bdai, Vietnamese mother of two, bends into a stream to fill a water bottle for her children. She lives in a rural highland community suffering the effects of drought. Her crops failed, food is scarce and expensive, and she cannot afford basics like medicine for her children. Save the Children has helped families like hers, by providing rice to feed the family for a month, and trucking in water to the hardest-hit communities. Young Bienvenu, a boy from Central African Republic, stands holding an umbrella in the rain. He was recently treated for malaria by a Save the Children medical team. He and his brother are living with an aunt in a small mud house after having to flee violence in their area. Gillian, two, sits on a log amongst the debris where her village once stood.

It was destroyed by typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines in 2013. Many coastal villages were devastated by the storm, and debris blocking roads made access impossible. Save the Children was on the ground expanding operations to deliver life-saving aid and medical care across the Leyte province. Save the Children has provided a library-in-a-box for their village in Pakistan. Muneeba, started school late, so she was paired up with a reading buddy, Najma who Najma helps her to read as a part of Save the Children’s Literacy Boost initiative. Thanks to people like you, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude. Johnson platform, Wisdom By Kids, as we work together to ensure children everywhere grow up healthy. A 3-year-old girl smiles from her swing, during a home visit as part of Save the Children’s signature Early Steps to School Success program in Central Valley, California. We have 155 million reasons to be thankful.

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Americans do not have a retirement plan in place for how they’ll manage their finances when they get old. For one month, keep track of all your expenses. Save all your receipts, make note of how much cash you need versus how much you expense to credit cards, and figure out how much money you have left over when the calendar turns. After the first month, take stock of what you spent. Categorize your purchases in a way that makes sense to you.

How To Manage My Money And Save

How To Manage My Money And Save Expert Advice

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How To Manage My Money And Save

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Now, write down your actual budget. Based on the month of actual expenses — and your own knowledge of your spending history — budget out how much of your income you want to allocate to each category every month. If desired, use an online budgeting platform, such as Mint. In your budget, make separate columns for projected budget and actual budget. Many people leave significant room in their budget for savings.

You don’t have to structure your budget to include savings, but it’s generally thought of as a smart idea. Be honest with yourself about your budget. It’s your money — there’s really no sense in lying to yourself about how much you’re going to spend when making a budget. The only person you hurt when doing this is yourself. On the other hand, if you have no idea how you spend your money, your budget may take a few months to solidify.

How To Manage My Money And Save

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How To Manage My Money And Save

Keep track of your budget over time. The hard part of a budget is that your expenses may change from month to month. The great part of a budget is that you’ll have kept track of those changes, giving you an accurate idea of where your money went during the year. Setting a budget will open your eyes to how much money you spend, if they haven’t been opened already.

Setting a budget will also teach you that you never know when you’ll have to pay for something unexpected — but that the unexpected will come to be expected. You obviously don’t plan on your car breaking down, or your child needing medical attention, but it pays to expect these contingencies to happen, and to be prepared for them financially when they come. How much money you spend every month. When you record how much money you spend every month, you are writing down your actual budget. How much money you plan to spend every month. Your projected budget will help you to stay under cost, so be realistic and try to meet those goals. How much money you put into savings.

How To Manage My Money And Save The Best Decision

Your projected budget does not refer to how much money you put into your savings. It’s a great idea to have a savings account, but don’t make your monthly savings contributions so high that they cause you stress. There’s a better option out there! How much money you will save from this month to next month.

When you accurately record your actual budget from month to month, you gain a better understanding of where your money is going and how to prevent frivolous spending in the future. The projected income won’t tell you how much you save. How often have you bought a DVD only to have let it collect dust for years, without using it? Books, magazines, DVDs, tools, party supplies, and athletic equipment can all be rented for smaller amounts of money.

Renting often saves you the hassle of upkeep, keeps room in your storage, and generally causes you to treat items better. If you have the money, pay a high down payment on your mortgage. For many people, buying a home is the most costly and significant payment they’ll ever make in their lives. For this reason, it helps to be in the know how to spend your mortgage money wisely. Your goal in paying off your mortgage should be to minimize interest payments and fees while balancing out the rest of your budget. See if you can’t make bi-weekly payments instead of monthly payments. Instead of making 12 payments on your mortgage in a year, see if you can’t make 26 payments on your mortgage instead.

This will allow you to save thousands of dollars, provided there aren’t any fees associated with it. Talk with your lender about refinancing. If you can refinance your loan down from 6. You could knock off years on your mortgage. Understand that owning a credit card may be very important for establishing credit. A credit score of 750 or above may unlock significantly lower interest rates and opportunities for new loans — nothing to sneeze at. Even if you rarely use the credit card, it’s important to have one.

If you don’t trust yourself, just lock it in a drawer. Treat your credit card like cash — that’s what it is. Shoot for a low credit utilization. A low credit utilization means that the debt you put on your credit card is proportionally low to your overall limit.