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5 0 0 0 0 1h7a. 964 0 0 0 15 how To Make Money Fast In Mount And Blade Warband 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. There are many ways to receive quests in game, with a total of 55 to choose from throughout the world. Quests can provide a range of bonuses, including renown and morale, denars or thalers, and increases to relations with other NPCs.

Quests found in villages will reward you with improved relations and occasionally a choice between further improved relations or a reward. A population that likes you is more likely to give you better trained recruits in higher numbers. The Village Elder can only give a few quests, but completing them can increase the village’s prosperity. Deliver grain: You’ll have to buy a certain amount of wheat and take it back to the village. Deliver cattle: You’ll have to buy or locate a certain number of cattle and bring them to the village.

This can be very tedious because cattle can be expensive, but moreover there is patience required drive your herd back to the village. Train peasants: You will be asked to train a militia to defend the village against bandits. This can be time-consuming if your trainer skill is low. Every time you finish training some militia, you’ll have to face them as a test. After you have trained about 5 villagers, the village will be attacked by bandits and you will have to help defend it. Bandit infestation: Occasionally Bandits will take up residence in the village and will need to be cleared out. This quest can be initiated by entering the village during the infestation or meeting a farmer in a nearby town’s tavern. Help peasant: Within a village center, talking to random villagers will sometimes yield one who has suffered recent disaster. Giving them 300 denars will raise your reputation by 1.

While this is expensive in the long run, it is almost always available in a village with poor or very poor prosperity and can sometimes be the only way to improve your standing with it. Quests found in towns involve helping the people of the town in some way. Completing these quests will make the town’s population like you more, and it will allow you to gain some denars. The Guild Masters stand around in towns in various locations. While they are clearly visible in some towns, they can be hard to find in others. Just look for someone who is better dressed than the average townsman and who is not standing near a merchant stall. Escort merchant caravan: You will be asked to escort a merchant caravan to a certain town.

It is advised to begin quickly, as the bandits will not wait in one place. Rescue kidnapped girl: You will be asked to rescue a kidnapped girl from some bandits who are demanding a ransom, and the Guild Master will provide the money for the payment at the beginning of the quest. Move cattle herd: This quest seems similar to the one with the caravan. It is not as difficult as it sounds, but requires some practice. Persuade lords to make peace: You will be asked to stop the war between the Guild Master’s faction and another faction within 30 days. The Guild Master’s faction has to be at war for this quest to be available, but in some cases this quest will exist after both factions have made peace. To complete this quest, you have to convince one named lord from each of the factions to accept a peace treaty.

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Deal with looters: You have 30 days to deal with bands of looters in the surrounding area, and each elimination earns you a reward in denars. You can report back to the Guild Master during the 30-day period to be rewarded accordingly. Track Down Bandits: This quest can be very frustrating. You have to kill a specific bandit unit, which is somewhere on the map, within 60 days. Deal with night bandits: The Guild Master will ask you to deal with bandits who attack lone travellers at night. In this quest, you must fight alone versus two or more bandits. Help townsperson: Within a town center, talking to random townspeople will sometimes yield an unemployed one who asks you for 300 denars to help, especially if the town is poor.

Paying the 300 denars will raise your reputation by 1. Bandit Infestation: In the town’s tavern, a farmer from one of the nearby villages can be found. He asks you to deal with bandits that have moved in and are threatening his fellow villagers. To complete the quest, go to the village and defeat the bandits. Quests given by lords include collecting taxes, catching criminals, delivering messages, and they may also wish to borrow one of your heroes.

Lord can be found in towns, castle keeps, or with their party in the world. Collect taxes: You will be asked to collect the taxes from a town or a village. Hunt down fugitive: You will be asked to kill a criminal who has taken refuge in a village. You must go to the village center and find a character named “Nervous Man”, talk to him and kill him. Either way you finish this quest, you will always lose reputation with the village in which you killed the man. Escort lady to town: A lord will ask you to take one of his ladies to another town.

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This lady will join your party, and you are to escort her to the destination. Upon arrival, she will give you a reward. Note: There is a bug in Warband version 1. Lend companion: You will be asked to lend one of your heroes to the lord for about a week.

Lend surgeon: You will be asked to lend your best surgeon to an enemy lord for a few hours. Deliver message to friendly lord: You will be asked to deliver a message to a certain lord with a payment of 30 denars on the spot. Find the lord in question and speak to him. When you deliver your message, your relation with this lord will slightly increase.