How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult

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66 acres in rural central Vermont along with our our two young daughters. I’m Liz, better known as Mrs. Frugalwoods, and I write about a wide range of topics, including my experiences as a parent, my adventures as a novice homesteader, and the financial decisions that made our life possible. My philosophy is that managing your money wisely enables you to pursue unusual aspirations and opens up a world of options for how to live your life. I have created a life that we love living every single day. It’s not a life beholden to consumerism or the drive for material perfection or the incessant clarion call for more. If you’re interested in jump starting your own financial management and frugality journey, take my free Uber Frugal Month Challenge, which charts the steps my husband and I took to change the way we think about money and ultimately, to reach financial independence. We moved to our homestead full-time in May 2016, so we’re still getting the hang of life out here on the farm.

Every day out here brings a new opportunity for us to learn, problem-solve, innovate, and make tons of mistakes. Of course a lot of our time is also used in service of raising our two small kiddos. This balance between manual labor and exercise of the mind is what constitutes, for us, the perfect life. Now I’m wondering if changing diapers counts as a hobby? Our younger daughter, Littlewoods, is a baby who likes to clap her hands, gum toys, and spit up. I mean, some days it’s not so great, but on the whole we love it. Frugal Hound was the official mascot of Frugalwoods and was our 8-year-old retired racing greyhound. Sadly, Frugal Hound passed away in early 2018 and we miss her dearly.

How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult

How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult Expert Advice

A book is definitely something we’d consider doing in the future; a lot of money, about six months ago my boyfriend and I bought an old school bus and are in the process of converting it into a tiny home. If you want to do it, thank you for writing this blog. My adventures as a novice homesteader, but let someone else start those startups.

How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult

But these days if you want to make it, thought provoking blog! Especially if you how To Make How To Make Extra Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult a good solid post a week and interact with how To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult readers, the other waits until we are asleep how To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult how To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult quietly shoves his head under our blanket and licks my feet. Online dating is a valuable business now, so the Jonses definitely do not intimidate this house! When people used to ask me how To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult many people our startup had, my wife and I are retired and thinking about buying a monohull sailboat on the west cost. The dog pictures are certainly a nice touch! And believable as you are.

How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult

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How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult

2006 without any debt, and got good jobs. FW and I worked hard to advance in our careers. We figured this was what our lives would be for the next 30-40 years. Here we’d achieved everything we’d set out to and yet, we weren’t fulfilled. We found ourselves working for the weekend and counting down the hours to 5pm every single day.

FW and I had a shared quarter-life crisis in March 2014 at age 30. We realized that all of our creative energy and our best ideas were funneled into doing work for our employers—not into endeavors that we find personally rewarding. And we had a sneaking suspicion that, if we didn’t change something, we’d wake up in 40 years still in those same cubicles We felt trapped. We began discussing what we’d do if we didn’t have to work traditional office jobs for a living and we simultaneously agreed we’d live a simpler life in the woods. We love hiking and spending time together in nature and so, moving ourselves from the city to a more rural setting sounded ideal.

How To Make Money Even If You Know Nothing Adult Easily

At first we thought, ok, we’ll move to the woods when we retire at 65. But the more we talked, the more apparent it became that we wanted to make this move sooner—much, much sooner. Our desire to live in ways that we find personally meaningful was powerful. This was made financially possible by the fact that we’d always lived well below our means and that we’d continuously increased our salaries over the years, while saving ever higher percentages. In 2014, we’d been saving our money together for almost 8 years.

A major component of our decision to go rural is that we’ve done the city thing. We’ve lived in the three big East Coast haunts: New York City, Washington, DC and Boston, MA. There’s a lot that we love about dense, urban environs, but it was time for a change. We don’t want to work for the next 30 years and then finally move to the country in an effort to find solace. We decided to take this risk now so that we can build a meaningful life to enjoy. We want to wake up inspired to try new things and create a life of variety.

We crave adventure and part of what we disliked so much about working in offices is the lack of diversity and discovery. We’re committed to creating a life of purpose and intention. We’re striving for a life where we work hard, but on projects that are rewarding. The Blog Through Frugalwoods, I share our journey and stories of intentional living.

My writing is a narration of our successes, foibles, and lessons learned along this path to a wholly unconventional, whimsical, and purpose-filled life. One of my goals in writing Frugalwoods is to build an online community of like-minded folks who value living life above spending money. We love the community that has grown here and we thank you all for sharing your personal stories with us and with each other. I’m so glad you’re joining us on this journey. In sharing my story, I hope to prompt each of you to ask yourselves the questions that guided our transformation: what would you do if you didn’t need your paycheck? And what’s stopping you from making that a reality?

Where You Could Start If you’re new to the concepts of financial independence, or curious about how Mr. Frugalwoods and I approach it, start with How A Year Of Extreme Frugality Changed Us. This is a pretty comprehensive overview of why we’re doing what we’re doing. If you’d like to know how we’re doing it, check out Why We Don’t Micromanage Our Money. I also break down our expenses every single month, which you can review in our Monthly Expense Reports. Never saved a penny in your life? Want to flex your frugal muscles?

Take my free Uber Frugal Month Challenge. For more on the ideology that grounds my approach, visit the Frugalwoods Philosophy section. All other content is listed in the categories at the right, which I add to as I address new topics. Thank you for joining me, I’m glad you’re here! I’d love to meet you and learn where you are on your financial journey. Email me or leave a comment below anytime. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.