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Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing. In 1985, we thought Einstein’s brain wasn’t much different from anyone else’s. Any hope of success will depend on our ability to answer one simple question: What exactly is intelligence? In 1985, American scientist Marian Diamond studied the brain of Albert Einstein and found an answer. We’re used to talking about neurons when referring to the brain, but we also have what are called glial cells. Glial cells were given their name because we thought they did little more than just hold the brain together.

One kind of glial cell is the star-shaped astrocyte. In 1985, Diamond’s findings were almost disappointing. Einstein’s brain did not contain more neurons overall than the average person’s. It did, however, contain more astrocytes, in the left inferior parietal area of the brain, a region associated with mathematical thinking. Since intelligence was assigned to neurons and astrocytes were thought to be little more than “glue,” this finding did not make headline news and was largely ignored. What did Einstein’s brain actually reveal?

If you insert human astrocytes into the brains of newborn mice, they grow up to be more intelligent. Their learning and memory are significantly sharper. It’s only in the past few years that we’ve come to understand the extraordinary reason why. We have always assumed that a synapse, the point where two brain cells join to carry information, is made up of two brain cells. A synapse is made of two brain cells — and an astrocyte. Not only are they key in synaptic plasticity, but they are plastic themselves. One astrocyte can be in contact with two million synapses, coordinating their activity and plasticity across vast realms of the human brain — and contributing to our intelligence. How do astrocytes figure in artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence researchers from the University of A Coruña in Spain recently improved neural network performance by using an algorithm that included artificial astrocytes.

When a neuron’s activity reached a maximum, the astrocyte was activated. If Einstein was a genius because of his astrocytes, can we increase our astrocyte numbers and become geniuses too? As early as 1966, Diamond and her team demonstrated that putting young rats in a stimulating environment rich with challenge and new experiences increased glial cells. We now know that this even happens in elderly mice. If you’re wondering, the effect is also seen in humans. A study published this year followed production workers at a factory in Germany for 17 years. The volume of brain regions associated with executive function and motivation was larger in those who had been exposed to recurrent novelty in their work.

This was associated with better cognitive performance at middle age. Plasticity takes energy and effort and our brains are lazy. They don’t want to try to “grow” without good reason. Challenge and novelty tempt the brain with a reason to try. Focusing on these five things can increase stress resilience and keep you mentally sharp. If you’re leading a team, you may not be able to change everyone’s diet and exercise routines or show love, but you can make sure your team has ample opportunities for “newness” and challenge.

How To Make Money As Scientist

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How To Make Money As Scientist

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How To Make Money As Scientist

Astrocytes are one thread in the complex tapestry of intelligence, but our growing knowledge about astrocytes has made intelligence a little less baffling today than it was a few years ago. 1985, the overwhelming conclusion was that Einstein’s brain was not much different from anyone else’s. Today, we can confidently say that Einstein’s brain was very different, after all. 781 64 288 64 288 64S117. How much house can you afford?

What is a money market account? Which certificate of deposit account is best? What type of CD is best? And they don’t necessarily involve going out and landing a second job.

You might use the skills you’ve honed at work to develop a side business, or take advantage of occasional opportunities to be a mystery shopper or focus group member. If you find something you like in your quest to drum up a few extra bucks, you might even want to turn it into a regular gig. To get started on making some money on the side, consider these five suggestions. CARD SEARCH: Your side hustle might qualify you for a business credit card. Compare the best business credit card offers at Bankrate. The concept is simple: You pose as a customer for a retail store, restaurant, hotel or other business. Then you submit a report on your experience, complete with plenty of details.

Obarski, customer service strategist for Merchandise Concepts, a consulting firm. You not only have to be able to interact and communicate well, it helps to have a scientist’s exactitude for details, she says. You also want to sign up with reputable firms. Her advice: Go to the industry’s main professional organization, the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, and sign up only with its members.

The association maintains a code of ethics and has been around since 1998. Pay varies widely with the job. Want to share your opinions and get paid for it? Consider being part of a focus group. Just register with a local market research company, says Amy Shields, director of research for the Marketing Research Association. A scheduler will call and ask you a few screening questions, such as whether you’ve used a particular product or service, how frequently, etc.

If selected, you’ll be scheduled to go to a group session, Shields says. Focus groups typically have three to 12 people and last an hour or two, she says. Often, there’s a snack or small meal, plus a check or cash when you leave. As with mystery shopping, carefully vet companies before you apply. You want to work with legitimate market research firms that regularly conduct focus groups. If someone asks you for money or wants you to cash checks for them, that’s a scam, says Shields.

Focus group rules often stipulate that participants can be part of only a few groups annually, so this won’t be a regular source of income, says Shields. If you’ve got professional training or specialized skill sets, you might be able to use all of that to make money on the side. For example, if you’re in the marketing department of a large widget maker, you could help your kid’s karate gym with its marketing needs during your off hours. Em Dead: Secrets and Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World. Plus, not every employee is a good candidate for parallel side jobs, he says.