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Ever wonder how an illegal, how To Launder Money-dollar, cash-only business hides its money? Or how drug lords and terrorist financiers transfer billions of dollars each year without getting caught? Moving around illegal cash usually follows three stages: placement, layering, and integration. When illegal cash is generated, it must be placed into the financial system. Then the money must be layered within the financial system, meaning it is broken up or moved around sufficiently so that the audit trail is obscured.

This phase effectively cleans the dirty money. As we will see from the following methods, money launderers need to deftly avoid financial regulations in order to implement each phase effectively. Creativity and innovation are key, and even the smallest misstep will result in a hefty prison sentence. Note: This list is intended to be used for informative and educational purposes. We do not condone any of the illegal activities described.

Just ask Hezbollah—Lebanon’s resident Shia army and a US-designated terrorist organization. It has more than a few illicit sources of income, and that’s not even counting the hundreds of millions of dollars provided yearly by Iran. They offer customers a fast, reliable, and sometimes anonymous method for storing cash. Criminals looking to move huge sums of cash—minus the bulk—across borders may look to SVCs as a viable option. 24 billion a year at one point. After all, it is much easier to cross the border with a deck of cards than a suitcase full of cash.

In order to combat this epidemic, FinCEN closed the loophole in 2012 and demanded that SVCs be declared along with cash. Made available to the public in 2009, bitcoin is a completely virtual currency that allows users to make peer-to-peer financial transactions with no intermediary. Nonetheless, resourceful criminals have found ways to exploit this relatively new cyber finance tool. In 2014, millionaire CEO Charlie Shrem was arrested for laundering money for customers of the online drug bazaar Silk Road. This spelled the beginning of the end for crypto-anarchists’ dreams of online free markets such as Silk Road, but virtual money laundering isn’t dead yet. Online gaming has increasingly become an effective method to transfer money across international borders. World of Warcraft or Second Life, players can purchase in-game currency with real money.

In 2012, Chinese cybercriminals made good use of the nebulous online gaming world to cash out stolen account information from their fraud victims. Money laundering academics look to Alberto Barrera, aka Papa Smurf, as a textbook example of smurfing operations in the 1980s. This scheme worked exceptionally well for the placement phase of money laundering, but Barrera’s system for actually layering it was less sound. Upon depositing the hundreds of cashier’s checks or money orders, authorities eventually caught on to Barrera, and he was arrested after a yearlong investigation. A shell company is a legitimate business in name only. In fact, a shell company provides no actual services, nor does it produce anything. Alternatively, the shell company can simply be used to purchase luxury items as a way to mask the identity of the true purchaser, who stays under the radar.

Lopez Tardon, a successful Spanish drug dealer who made his fortune in Madrid, attempted this method in Miami from 2001 to 2011. Before his arrest, Tardon managed to buy up 13 high-priced condos and 17 luxury cars through a shell company. Shell companies can also be effective conduits for stealing money, not just hiding it. 150 million by setting up a web of shell companies in the US and overseas.

How To Launder Money

How To Launder Money Expert Advice

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How To Launder Money

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How To Launder Money Easily

How To Launder Money

Shell companies aren’t just used by drug dealers or mobsters, by the way. China uses shell companies to borrow vast sums of money for public use. These devious accounting tricks increase China’s estimated debt to 282 percent of GDP. First discovered by authorities in the 1990s, the Black Market Peso Exchange is truly a one-stop shop for all phases of money laundering. The exchange was first used by Colombian cartels but has since been popularized in Mexico as well.

The broker then found legitimate businesses in the US and abroad that did cross-border trade and transactions. Businesses in Colombia or Mexico require US dollars to purchase goods inside the US and prefer a discounted exchange rate if they can get it. The broker took advantage of this and offered them dollar-denominated checks with the payee name blank. 100 million was confiscated by federal authorities in LA’s downtown garment district, some of which was ransom money from kidnapped US citizens. Many of these small businesses were apparently being used as the US-based business element of the intricate system described above.

How To Launder Money