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How does he find time to meet with 10 customers a week and make his yearly quota in the first quarter? I can barely find time to have five appointments a week and get all my paperwork done correctly and turned in on time. How does she manage to champion strategic initiatives, network with executives, and only work 40 hours a week? After a day full of project meetings, the best I can do is reactively respond to e-mail at night instead of proactively developing my department. Here’how To Invest Money Wisely Pdf the secret: Your colleagues that zoom ahead of you with seemingly less effort have learned to recognize and excel in what really counts — and to aim for less than perfect in everything else.

Most likely the highest producing salesman on your team spends less than half the amount of time that you do on filling out paperwork. Yes, it may be sloppy, but no one really cares because he’s skyrocketing the revenue numbers. The manager who has caught the eye of upper management may send e-mails with imperfect grammatical structure and decline invites to tactical meetings. But when a project or meeting really matters, she outshines everyone. If you’re shocked and feel like this seems completely unfair, I’m guessing that you probably performed very well in school where perfectionism is encouraged. I was a straight-A student from sixth grade through college graduation who did whatever it took to produce work at a level that would please my professors. Admittedly, this strategy paid off as a student. My perfect GPA signified an exceptional level of achievement, and I was fortunate that in my case, it was rewarded with scholarships and job offers. The rules changed when I started my own business over seven years ago.

I realized that doing A-work in everything limited my success. At that point I realized that I needed to focus more on my strengths. As I talk with time coaching clients struggling with overwhelm whether they be professors, executives, or lawyers, a common theme comes up — they can’t find time to do everything. And, they’re right: no one has time for everything. Given the pace of work and the level of input in modern society, time management is dead. You can no longer fit everything in — no matter how efficient you become. In my time investment philosophy, I encourage individuals to see time as the limited resource it is and to allocate it in alignment with their personal definition of success.

How To Invest Money Wisely Pdf

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How To Invest Money Wisely Pdf

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How To Invest Money Wisely Pdf

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How To Invest Money Wisely Pdf

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Decide where you will not spend time: Given that you have a limited time budget, you will not have the ability to do everything you would like to do regardless of your efficiency. The moment you embrace that truth, you instantly reduce your stress and feelings of inadequacy. Strategically allocate your time: Boundaries on how and when you invest time in work and in your personal life help to ensure that you have the proper investment in each category. As a time coach, I see one of the most compelling reasons for not working extremely long hours is that this investment of time resources leaves you with insufficient funds for activities like exercise, sleep, and relationships. Set up automatic time investment: Just like you set up automatic financial investment to mutual funds in your retirement account, your daily and weekly routines should make your time investment close to automatic.

Aim for a consistently balanced time budget: Given the ebbs and flows of life, you can’t expect that you will have a constantly balanced time budget but you can aim for having a consistently balanced one. Over the course of a one- to two-week period, your time investment should reflect your priorities. Once you have allocated your time properly, you also need to approach the work within each category differently. When you approach a to-do item, you want to consider whether it is an investment, neutral, or optimize activity.

Investment activities are areas where an increased amount of time and a higher quality of work can lead to an exponential payoff. Aim for A-level work in these areas. The overall goal is to minimize the time spent on optimize activities so that you can maximize your time spent on investment activities. I’ve found that this technique allows you to overcome perfectionist tendencies and invest in more of what actually matters so you can increase your effectiveness personally and professionally.

At the start of each week, clearly define the most important investment activities and block out time on your calendar to complete them early in the week and early in your days. This will naturally force you to do everything else in the time that remains. If it’s an I activity and the value is high, keep at it and take time away from your N and O activities. If you keep a time diary or mark the time you spent on your calendar, you can also look back over each week and determine if you allocated your time correctly to maximize the payoff on your time investment.