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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Take a leisurely stroll down any Dutch street and you are sure to notice one starting similarity: a persistent lack of curtains, and hence personal how To Invest In D Wave. I have to admit that my voyeuristic tendencies are heartily fulfilled in this town. Curious about the neighbours decor or sense of style ?

Want to know what Jaap and his family are eating for dinner? Want to know what most Dutch folks are watching on the televisie? You can find the answers to all your questions and much, much more behind Dutch people’s naked, street-level apartment windows. I begin to wonder who is the fish and on which side of the aquarium am I standing? Now, much has been discussed about this curtain-less matter. Yes, it’s not my keen observations skills that first noticed this alarming occurrence. The common explanation is that it stems from Dutch people’s Calvinistic roots: allowing passers-by a full view of your living quarters shows that you have nothing to hide.

BUT, my theory on the matter is slightly different. I don’t think it has anything to do with Calvinism. Please consider doing another post on the lacy Dutch curtains that my Oma had. When my daughter was married, I cut a piece off and we wrapped her wedding bouquet stems in it. Curtains are for people with money to spend. Why spend money on curtains if you aren’t planning on using them anyway? One apartment I lived in had curtains supplied by my landlady.

I once met an Australian of Dutch descent. He pulled me towards him in Brabant, a somewhat peasant part of Holland, and asked me to translate for him. Oops, I no idea what they were on about! Sounds like a bad cough sometimes! I actually imitated it once in a shop. Just made those sounds to my Australian companion who almost wet himself, because, indeed, NONE of the visitors looked at us in surprise. I have been away from Holland for quite some time and it is funny to see how foreigners perceive our cute little habits. Then again, don’t forget to smile every now and then.

Each country has their own culture and habits. And if you do not like us, well, nice meeting you and bye-bye! In most cases nobody will be forced to live there, right! Also don’t forget that although we are by history marked as travelers and explorers, in fact, a lot of Dutch people do not leave their country, except for the annual vacation of course. To understand your own traits as a people, it requires to be away for a good while. Then you start to see it more clearly and yes, you do understand that we can be perceived as quite arrogant. I remember France and England and surely there ar more countries.

I guess all older towns have them. Even the picture doesn’t show an underground basement apartment. First, and most importantly, Brabant is not, and has never been, part of Holland. It’s a common mistake and one of my pet peeves. Historically, Holland only refers to the coastal provinces of North- and South-Holland. As they were the center of economical, political and cultural power during our so-called Golden Age, Holland has somehow become synonymous with the present-day Netherlands.

How To Invest In D Wave

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How To Invest In D Wave

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How To Invest In D Wave

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How To Invest In D Wave

Secondly, Brabant might seem like a somewhat peasant part of the country, but it’s certainly far from the most rural province. It’s actually one of the most populous and most industrious provinces outside of Holland and has cities like Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Tilburg and Breda which, granted, might not be as beautiful as cities like Delft and Haarlem but still count as proper cities. And about the accent, I’ve talked to many foreigners living or studying in the Netherlands and most of them prefered the southern accents to the northern accents. Lastly, please don’t take this too seriously or personally. I just happen to be a history student from Brabant who can’t help herself ranting sometimes, especially when it concerns Brabant.

Brabant, even though I am from Utrecht. And we all know how they can be, right! I don’t want to be mean or anything, i just feel that that isn’t really vaderland liefde. Northern thing, and I assume not closing your curtains may have something to do with that.

But during the day, they’re all open. I’m betting when this picture would have been shot at night, those blinds would’ve been down. However, as I started the post and is abundantly clear by the comments in this thread, spend some time in the country. I just get tired of all people saying they were in the Netherlands because they visited Amsterdam. Secondly, as I’m proving very well myself and is mentioned all over the blog. Our nationalism and defensiveness is epic! Both in friendly and aggressive ways.

The Brainport region in Eindhoven and Helmond has been chosen Smartest region in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum from New York. ASML is among one of the countries which almost certainly is one of the most important in your life. Lived all over Holland, as I like to call it. Lived in the south of Limburg, yes, most people there have shutters. I didn’t, I had vertical blinds which I left open. Now I live in Florida and when I married my American husband, the first thing I did when I moved in was to get rid of the curtains, most Floridians keep closed to block out the sun, which is the last thing any Dutchie wants to do. All the years I have lived in Florida, I have never had curtains in my livingroom and kitchen.

In the bedrooms I do, to keep the home from getting too hot in the summer and for privacy. I do think it is a form of openess, that Dutchies have. Heck, you might even find me with the curtains wide open, chewing on drop and swearing at Wilders on the boobtube. I think the first thing people do when they finished painting and move into a new house, is putting up curtains.

I guess it must be more common than I thought. I still think it’s weird when I see it, and I always have to take a look. I don’t like curtains, don’t understand ’em, and don’t want to shop for ’em. And yet, it is really not true! It wasn’t until the eighties that the view got so open. Nowaydays, when you see a house, one can often guess the age of the owner by the style of its curtains.

Southern parts of the country people often have roller shutters that they close in the evening. The opennes is very much a thing of the Randstad. My grandma always had the vitrage for the windows with pot plants. Probably half of the homes would have their curtains open. Here in the States, I have my curtains in the livingroom and kitchen open all the time. I work for a couple and clean their house, the male from Scotland and the woman from Estland, they álways have the curtains and shutters closed!

The best time was at night:  the perfect time to spy on Amsterdammers. We know we live in dollhouses, that doesn’t mean you are invited to play with it ! People who keep staring face the punishment of bumping in to our thrusty lantern pole. Looking outside is often more entertaining than tv.