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Urban distillery and craft cocktail bar located in Washington, D. Largest crowd-funded distillery in the U. Access investment opportunities Investment opportunities are now open to anyone and everyone. Learn more about raising funds with equity crowdfunding. Indiegogo is the place for entrepreneurial projects to move quickly from concept to market. Browse offerings Find companies to invest in, from software to hardware, film to restaurants and more. 100 in innovative startups and growing companies.

Electronically sign Enter your personal information, electronically sign and you’re an official investor! You agree to our Terms of Use and have read and understand our Privacy Policy. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Forms. With equity crowdfunding, you get a financial stake in the company you’re supporting. In a Regulation Crowdfunding investment opportunity, any individual 18 years and older can invest, as well as any eligible entity. If you live outside the US, please check your local securities laws but we are allowing most countries access to invest when the laws allow it.

It’s free to create a profile and you will only be charged an investment processing fee if you make an investment. Investors will have investment maximums based on a few factors, including earnings, net worth, etc. Investing in startups means you own a piece of the company. The company will utilize your proceeds to achieve its business goals and objectives. You are along for the ride, whether up or down. It is important for you to understand the long-term business plan. How many shares do I get?

Each offering company decides how much money they want to raise, what they want to offer, and what the price should be. The offering terms are noted on their page. What information do I receive before and after investing? Before you invest, each company is required to show how they plan to use the money raised and other financial information. After investing, each company is required to routinely share information about how their businesses are doing.

How To Invest In A Company

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Find all the information you need to start your business in Germany here. An accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions: social – investments in the post office are safeguarded by the Government of India. Strategic investors include Barilla, and towns of the country.

How To Invest In A Company

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How does it work after my investment is made, what is the next step? After you make your investment we will process your investment and the funds will sit in escrow until the investment closes. If the minimum goal is hit by the end of the round we will notify you of the close and provide documentation regarding your investment. See how Germany works for you. Where is the best place to do business?

The answer you often get is Germany. So welcome to this website and the opportunities Germany offers. 1 three times in a row! Beverages Industry and find your opportunity to invest in Germany.

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We survey Germany’s thriving and upcoming AI clusters. With our comprehensive range of project support services, business information, and advisory tools, setting up a business in Germany has never been easier. Order or download your free copy today! Help us to help others by providing feedback.

We appreciate your comments and recommendations. The German market was never closer. And setting up business in Germany never easier. Invest has considerable experience in helping international companies set up business in Germany. Please scroll through the individual chapters. Get an overview about Germany’s entry regulations and find out what documents are needed for your business activities.

Establishing a business in Germany is easy but requires several steps. Find all the information you need to start your business in Germany here. Germany offers numerous programs designed to fit the needs of all economic activites at every stage of the investment process. D and labor-related incentives, find out how your project can benefit from public funding. Businessmen working together on a laptop. Germany sets itself apart from other leading industrial nations with extremely generous tax reforms. By significantly reducing its corporate tax levels, indirect labor costs are extremely low and the window of opportunity for your business is wide open.

Companies are only as successful as their employees. Get an overview of Germany’s employment regulations and find out everything you need to know about the German social security system. Learn more about the regulations of business activities in Germany and how its legal system can protect your investment. Medica 2018 – last chance to meet us at booth 15F37. From cars to environmental technologies, find your industry and industry expert from the drop-down menu.

Germany is the strongest economy in Europe and one of the largest worldwide. Few countries are as tightly connected into the world economy as ours is. Step by step to success – have a look at our comprehensive line of services and see how we will help your business grow in Germany. The fourth industrial revolution – INDUSTRIE 4.