How To Get Funding For A Business Idea

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a how To Get Funding For A Business Idea. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Guidance for business and academic organisations on Innovate UK’s funding competitions to test ideas and develop innovative products and services. Innovate UK runs grant funding competitions that can help you develop your idea and make it successful. They are open to innovation projects led by a UK-based business or research and technology organisation, with funding awarded to the winners.

We also offer other forms of funding, including a pilot programme of innovation loans. Get details of our latest funding competitions and how to apply. Find out if you are eligible to apply The organisations we fund You can apply for funding if you are a UK-based business. All kinds of businesses are eligible for funding – from start ups and new micro companies to large multi-nationals. The specific criteria and eligibility will be outlined in the scope of the competition for which you want to apply. The projects we fund Innovate UK funding is for the advancement of innovative ideas only.

Depending on the competition, you may work alone on your project, or form a consortium. Find out about grant funding opportunities Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Through this fund, the government is bringing world-class research and businesses together to take on the major industrial and societal challenges of our time. The challenges are aligned with the 4 grand challenges named in the Industrial Strategy. New challenges and funding opportunities are announced intermittently. Get the latest on the fund and the various challenge areas. Open programme The open programme supports high-quality innovation from any business, in any area of the UK economy. It supports innovation at various stages. Applications can be from any technology base or sector.

We run several rounds of open funding competitions throughout the year. Find out more about the open programme. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships You can get funding to bring in new knowledge and expertise through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Taking part will allow you to work with an academic organisation and a highly-qualified graduate to innovate within your business. You can apply if you are a business, public or third sector organisation. Find out more about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships. Through SBRI, you can apply for funded contracts with government organisations to develop their innovative ideas.

Find out more and apply into an SBRI. The ICURe pilot programme funds research teams to accelerate the time it takes to get ideas out of the lab and to commercialisation. If you’re a start-up that has emerged through the programme, you could get funding to help you establish your business and support future growth. Find out more about the ICURe programme.

How To Get Funding For A Business Idea

How To Get Funding For A Business Idea Expert Advice

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How To Get Funding For A Business Idea

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How To Get Funding For A Business Idea

Read an evaluation of the pilot programme so far. Biomedical Catalyst The Biomedical Catalyst funds businesses and researchers to test and develop innovative health and care projects. It supports the acceleration and scale up of ideas that prevent and manage dieases, support better detection and diagnosis and create tailored treatments that improve patient outcomes. The programme is run by Innovate UK and the Medical Research Council.

Find out more about the Biomedical Catalyst and the funding opportunities. Energy Catalyst This programme offers funding to UK businesses and researchers to develop ideas for tackling the global need for clean, affordable and secure energy. It funds projects from early-stage through to commercialsation to quickly bring innovative new energy solutions to market. Find out more about the Energy Catalyst and the funding opportunities.

International programmes We run a number of initiatives that can help you get access to international opportunities and partners. This includes Horizon 2020, EUREKA Eurostars and the Newton Fund. These are open to a range of organisation types and size. Find out more about global opportunities with Innovate UK.

Get specific advice on Horizon 2020 for UK businesses and how to apply. You can also search directly for current European research and innovation funding opportunities via the portal. Managed programmes Innovate UK also runs funding competitions on behalf of other organisations. Details and how to apply are published as new competitions are announced. Search the Innovation Funding Service for other funding competitions. 50 million available in innovation loans.

These are low interest, flexible, patient loans for SMEs that want to carry out late-stage experimental development projects in the UK. To get a loan you need to apply and be successful in a loan competition. Read our introduction to innovation loans to find out if they are right for you and how to apply. Investment accelerator The investment accelerator programme provides simultaneous grant funding and venture capital investment in early-stage innovation projects. This joint public and private investment stops UK businesses having to chase additional capital and gives them a clearer route to commercialisation.

Before you apply To get funding you have to apply through one of Innovate UK’s funding competitions. Details about each competition and the technical scope are published on the Innovation Funding Service. You should read the full scope and competition guidance before you apply. You can also attend a briefing event or webinar to find out more about the competition. Eligibility rules vary for each competition and should also be read carefully to understand if a competition is right for your business and innovation project. For example, some competitions need projects to be collaborative with a business partner as the lead applicant, or may be open only to SMEs.

How To Get Funding For A Business Idea

Find and apply into a competition There are a number of ways you can find out about new and upcoming funding opportunities. Browse and apply for a competition via the Innovation Funding Service. Sign up to our newsletter or register for email alerts to get page updates from Innovate UK. Help in applying You will need to read the full scope and competition guidance for the competition you wish to apply into. General competition guidance You should read the general guidance for applicants to get advice on completing your application. State aid, for example, when it’s applied and where to get more information. There is specific guidance for people who wish to apply for an innovation loan.

You should read this guidance if you are interested in applying into a loan competition. Project costs guidance As part of your application we will ask for a breakdown of your eligible project costs as part of the application. Our project costs guidance can help you understand the process. You should read this to help you understand what funding you can get.

If you’re not eligible for Innovate UK funding If you are not eligible for innovation funding, the government offers other opportunities for non-innovating businesses to get finance and support. Search and apply for other finance and business support. 12 June 2018 Updated the types of funding opportunities that are available to UK businesses to include the innovation loans and investment accelerator pilot programmes. Changed the focus to reflect Innovate UK’s reorganisation towards ‘open’ and challenge-themed opportunities.

18 May 2017 Added the ATI competition under ‘Other funding opportunities for businesses’. 9 May 2017 Updated sections for general guidance for applicants and project costs guidance. 8 May 2017 Defined and added links to the relevant sections in the guidance for applicants. Added links to the Innovation Funding Service, project cost guidance and all European funding opportunities. Removed section on how to register and what happens after you apply as this is covered in the general guidance for applicants. 6 May 2016 Duplication of information which is contained in guidance for applicants.

6 May 2016 Link and information on project costs guidance for Innovate UK. 22 April 2016 Changes made on ‘How to apply for an innovation grant’. Eligibility rules now vary with each competition. Updated guide on what happens if you are successful.

We no longer hold new project workshops. 7 April 2016 Innovate UK has simplified the way it offers funding opportunities. Our competitions now come under one of 4 sector groups or are ‘open’ to any idea. The Innovate UK open programme invites applications for any cutting-edge innovative idea regardless of industry or sector. 4 February 2016 Removed out of date references to 2014-15 action plans.

Clarified information on Innovation Vouchers and Smart. These are not open all the time but have opening and closing dates for applications. 27 January 2015 New videos to find out about our funding rules and application process. 18 December 2014 Added content about our new SME growth support. Is there anything wrong with this page?