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Original patterns, comments and works in progress, all from Chris’ knitted world. You will always have 17 sts between the markers. Repeat rows 1 , 2, and 3 until you have only about five yards of your last ball of yarn, then cast off loosely knitwise. How To Delete Stash Invest make longer, use more yarn. To make wider or narrower , use less repeats of pattern and adjust 17 for each 4 – 5 inches smaller or larger.

Instead of doing the pattern for the complete afghan on one pair of needles, she would make it in strips and crochet them together when they were done. I should now do a purl row to get me back to the right side, but the instructions say to start again at row one which is the pattern row. If I start back on row one now, I will be working the pattern row on the wrong side. Once you get a few repeats of the three row pattern, it will look like my pictures and you will be less confused. DK wool would be a wonderful choice. A bit warmer as a sofa throw than cotton. I am twelve rows in and notice that my sets of the three row pattern have a curl to them.

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong. If the curl you describe is a “wave” to the edge, that is supposed to happen! See the photos of the wavey edges above. If that is not what you mean you can take a photo and attach it to an email, so I can see what you mean. It’s being a lot of fun to learn. Looking at the pictures better it seems I’m in the right track. 206 sts in total, placing markers as you go.

Made one like this year’s ago. I think I’ll try it this way. I have 9 more to do, maybe 13. Do you think it’s the same as Joie de Vivre dk? Hi Magpie, Joie de Vivre could be fine if you use it double stranded or any other DK weight yarn.

How To Delete Stash Invest

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How To Delete Stash Invest

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How To Delete Stash Invest

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How To Delete Stash Invest

It is not the same as Lara, but that yarn was available 3 years ago. Find a Dk weight that is approx 1380 yards. Is there a yarn that would work well for this pattern that can go in the dryer as well as the washer? Most good cottons can be washed and dried in machines. You need to read the ball bands for washing instructions. Anyone else have a favourite yarn for this project?

Do you have any suggestions on yarn and needle size? Everyone seems reallly pleased with this pattern. I hate to do strips and put them together. Approx 1350 yards should make the same size as mine. You really can use any weight of yarn with this pattern, as long as you use the associated needle size. Have fun knitting this easy throw! Since it is not joined in the circle and knit in the round, the size does not matter, but I think I used 36 inches so that it would not be too scrunched on the needles.

Slightly shorter is ok too, or afghan size longer is great. When I get to the second k2tog, I don’t have anymore stitches left, I get to the marker. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Wouldn’t I need 19 sts in between the markers to complete what’s in parentheses? I’ve run into this problem on several patterns and I just give up, but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. And I get to k2tog and I don’t have any left and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks and sorry for bothering you! There are only 17 stitches to use but you need 19 stitches. Can anyone help with what I’m supposed to do? Yes it creates a new stitch to be knit on the next row, but does not need a stitch within the “17” stitches to create the yarn over. Each yarn over is counterbalanced by a knit 2 together, thus maintaining 17 stitches between your markers. I hope this makes it clearer for all. Although I do worry that I will drop a stitch or incorrectly add a stitch and not know how to get it back correctly so far so good.

Its such a nice design that I hope to make a few different colour throws. 5mm needles that are 13in long. Will that be enough for this blanket? Do you have a video for this pattern, so I could fully understand what you are doing.