How Much Money Earning An Ordinary Swedish Per Year

Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. To learn more about photo and article reprints for personal use, please visit store. How much does a person from the Philippines earn? How much money does a person from the How Much Money Earning An Ordinary Swedish Per Year earn or make a day?

From the least paid all the way to the president, I took to the streets to try to find out. The results, while holding no scientific nor Wall Street Journal like quality, are interesting nonetheless. Upper income people usually just smile. But will happily tell you what everyone else makes. The reality of wealth distribution in the Philippines: A village girl or boy brought to a town to work as a house keeper can be paid as little as 0 to 50 pesos per day.

Official minimum wage in The Philippines is based on regions, and noted later on. So most employers only hire people for 5 months then release them. Note: there are hidden extras in many middle-income salaries. Many will also be given a free sack of rice every month, a health care plan and transport. Depending on the job and circumstances. How much does a Government official in The Philippines make?

Now this was hard to find answers on, I wonder why? As for a Governor, Mayor or other government officials no one seems to know exact 2014 salaries. Again many thanks to Marnie for finding this list. Note: I can’t help but add in here about the massive fringe benefits politicians get in The Philippines. Not forgetting the wealth of political dynasties, perks, expenses, shady business partnerships and corruption the countries politicians have been known for.

How Much Money Earning An Ordinary Swedish Per Year

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They are among the richest earners, one way or another. Keep in the mind the above is the official minimum wage and not always what is paid out. A note on small expat businesses in the Philippines: in order to run a registered business in the Philippines you need to be a national. I’ve seen and heard of many a bad story due to the above. Philippine salary: The above is not an official list of salaries by some government body. These are quotes from people either in that job, related to it, from the street or from a news agency and treated as a given average.

What struck me was the salary scale of a call center employee vs a teacher or even a doctor. Call centers are booming in The Philippines, and many graduates would rather work in a call center, rather than in their chosen profession. Apart that is from those looking to leave the country, via their profession. Filipinos working overseas: In my time here I’ve met a staggering amount of Filipinos looking to work overseas.

This is actually an industry itself. And no, I am not talking about the return of wealth from overseas workers. I am talking about the amount of businesses within the Philippines dedicated to getting people jobs overseas. And, to a lesser scale, simply taking the money with idle promises. Unemployment vs overseas working Today’s figures state there about 12 million overseas Filipino workers.

The population is around 95 million. How this is actually calculated is beyond me as there’s very to back this up. Living off the land out of necessity and eating nothing but plain rice is considered employed. Rather than the usual developing country heartache of focusing on people eating nothing but plain rice, children falling asleep due to hunger, or no medical care. I’d like this to highlight the flip side of things. 20,000 on two meals for 60 colleagues whilst visiting the U.

One of which was at a steakhouse where the bill was allegedly footed by a nephew of former president Marcos. The story was reported in many places. This should give readers a rough insight into how mixed, cumbersome, irrational, fraudulent and bizarre salaries are in The Philippines. It’s a bizarre scale, and I somehow I don’t think The Philippines is alone in the world in this regard. And, it would be interesting to see if anyone else can add to this, or disagree with my findings, either in the Philippines, or globally. I am sure wealth distribution anomalies happen elsewhere too.

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