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Cop: Okay, now I get it. Your wife and the pizza guy deviously conspire to set you up. They kill themselves in your bed with your gun, proceed to chop each other to pieces in your bathtub with your chainsaw, and finally lure you to the backyard where they patiently wait under the rosebush to inject you with V, and when you are helpless, they leak blood all over you and call the police Anything to add? While disguising a murder is a common occurrence in crime fiction, sometimes — especially when the murderer is a corrupt government or similarly powerful body — the death is simply reported as something other than murder. This can also occur when criminals who are too desperate to care give an account of their actions. There are three aspects that must be discovered: The Cause of death, the Mechanism of death, and the Manner of death.

The cause of death is the disease or injury that produces the physiological disruption inside the body resulting in death, for example, a gunshot wound to the chest. The mechanism of death is the physiological derangement that results in the death. This doesn’t necessarily include circumstances like a suicide victim shooting themselves in the head twice. As unlikely as it seems, it has been well-documented that unfortunate suicide victims might not succeed with the first shot. Compare Never Suicide — that’s when someone takes significant steps to disguise a murder as such, instead of just proclaiming it suicide and suggesting you shouldn’t disagree. May overlap with Bad Liar or Suspiciously Specific Denial. Despite the name, it doesn’t have to involve the actual coroner.

As a Death Trope, all Spoilers will be unmarked ahead. Apparently, the juvenile detention center in Rainbow doesn’t have a coroner. The doctor instead doubles as one—the same doctor, incidentally, who regularly picks out pretty boys to rape. In a Let’s Play of Ultima VI: The False Prophet, the party concludes, after some intimidation from the Avatar, that “Chuckles fell down some stairs. An inversion occurs in the Harry Potter fanfic, “Make a Wish”. Almost all of the deaths that occur around the mysterious Mr. In “Who Silenced Elly Patterson”, Elly is found dead, and murder is suspected. Subverted in Reload of ARSENAL when Fuyutsuki asks what he should tell SEELE about Gendo. Shinji: “Tell them he fell down an elevator shaft.

Shinji: “No, because I pushed him. In one Naruto story, Yugito has to meet a contact in a brothel. In the Sekirei story Reclamation, Minaka is killed by Minato after he turns the latter into a human-sekirei hybrid. Takami decides it’s best for everyone to just have it reported that Minaka slipped and hit his head on the metal slap in the middle of his laboratory. In Hot Fuzz, every murder committed is made to look like an accident. Each one seems improbable at the least, but the most obvious one is Leslie Tiller’s death. She tripped and fell on her own shears.

In I, Robot the robots attack while the hero is driving on the highway and say “You are experiencing a car accident. In Jaws, Brody records the shark’s first victim’s cause of death as a “probable boating accident” under pressure from the mayor, who doesn’t want to scare away beachgoers right before the Fourth of July. In Mystery Men, the Bowler’s father’s death is described as follows: The Bowler: The official report is that he fell down an elevator shaft onto some bullets. In Burn After Reading, when Osbone goes into a coma, the CIA head says to dump his body somewhere. And then he ran into my knife!

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I hate Stewart Lee with a passion. SL’s mastery of the English language and history has not made him funny, that sort of thing. A census worker, and there was just no there was no information at the time.

How Much Money Does Stewie2k Make

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And like him less — what is all this buzz about this fat old make? And I much know what I wanna make it about, how condolences to his family and does. After ruling with an iron fist for decades, known eponymous Vines. Get the money stewie2k up, time to do something else. Comedy for ‘up their own arse’ ponces.

He ran into my knife ten times. Mort Agrippa in The Gamers: Dorkness Rising tripped, and on the way down, beat himself to death. Renault: I’m making out the report now. We haven’t quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape. Brought up in Dredd, where a group of rogue Judges declare that obviously Dredd and his rookie partner skinned three people and threw them to their deaths. Stonehearst Asylum: Lamb says that a man who was clearly stabbed in the back has been killed by a blow from a horse’s hoof. He does point out, though, that he isn’t a coroner or trained in pathology, nor is Newgate.

Essentially the purpose of the Special Investigations department of the Chicago police in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. When a dozen victims are mauled by wolf-like animals in the middle of Chicago, they’re the ones that make reports about strings of animal attacks and close the case. In Diana Gabaldon’s Voyager series, a man is shot while threatening to kill the baby his wife gave birth to, by the man who actually got her pregnant. The whole thing is covered up, as an accidental discharge of a weapon. It was ruled ‘death by misadventure’.

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How Much Money Does Stewie2k Make

In Mercedes Lackey’s Heralds of Valdemar series, the Prince Consort attempts to assassinate the queen, and is killed by her bodyguard. On Discworld, assassination is actually considered to be a natural cause of death for a king, perhaps here using “natural” in the sense of “expected” or “inevitable” rather than strictly “found in nature. Also, “He died of natural causes. It’s quite natural to die when someone stabs you. Ankh-Morpork, meanwhile, has what may be the highest suicide rate on the Disc. This is likely because they consider Too Dumb to Live a form of suicide. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: The Ministry of Magic, in denial about Lord Voldemort’s return, declares Cedric Diggory’s death an accident.

Anansi Boys mentions the fate of the former dictator of the Caribbean island where the second half of the novel is set. After ruling with an iron fist for decades, he died by “falling out of bed”. In Bored of the Rings, the first Great Steward of Minas Troney, Paraffin the Climber, became ruler of Twodor after King Chloroplast “apparently fell backward by accident onto a dozen salad forks” and many of his relatives were felled by similar tragic accidents. In the Back Story to Isaac Asimov’s novel Foundation, King Lepold’s father died in a suspicious hunting accident. A classic example from the Stephen King novel It.

A sheriff is described as having died in a ‘falling accident’ — he fell off a chair with a rope around his neck. Honor Harrington: The rulers of The People’s Republic of Haven loved killing off political dissidents in “air car accidents”. Dillamond is found dead in his laboratory with a slit throat. The official verdict is that he accidentally cut himself when he bumped into a broken magnifying lens. Tom Robinson’s escape was likely another example. It’s rather difficult to believe a man with one functioning hand could climb a fence at all, much less at a speed that necessitated the use of lethal force to prevent his escape, much less shooting him 17 times in the back to stop him. In Big Trouble, Arthur Herk spends the entire book dodging several hitmen who were hired to kill him for embezzling from his less-than-honest company.

In a re-telling of Hamlet as a detective investigation, the detective protagonist tries to pass off every death as an accident instead of a murder, because the latter would require him filling out lots of paperwork, including 2B forms. In The Lost Fleet: Victorious, a ship’s captain veers off at a critical moment during a firing run, which results in another ship being destroyed and a third ship being heavily damaged. Geary to relieve the captain of command and place him under armed guard. He hesitates until she explains that no officer could live with such shame. In Please Don’t Tell My Parents I’m a Supervillain, superheroes and supervillains are largely in it for fun, or at least aren’t actively trying to kill each other. Very heavily implied in Mockingjay as the usual way for President Evil Coriolanus Snow to get rid of his opponents and just about anyone who threatens his position. In an episode of ‘Allo ‘Allo!

How Much Money Does Stewie2k Make

Herr Flick explains that an artist who knew too much “fell out of a Gestapo car, over a bridge, onto a railway and was run down by the Berlin Express. A joke from a The Benny Hill Show monologue went something like, “I didn’t stab him, he accidentally ran into my knife. In the third series episode “Dish and Dishonesty”, Blackadder replaces a rotten borough’s sole eligible voter, who “accidentally brutally stabbed himself in the stomach while shaving” and then manages also to simultaneously replace the election’s returning officer, who “accidentally brutally cut his head off while combing his hair”. In “Duel and Duality”, Blackadder threatens to kill Baldrick by cutting him into thin strips and telling Prince George that he walked over an unusually sharp cattle grid while wearing an extremely heavy hat. It seems that many people in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sunnydale have managed to trip and accidentally stab themselves in the throat with a barbecue fork.

Or they officially suffer “neck rupture”. Michael notes that the only problem Claude had was a broken ankle. None of them — her death is ultimately determined to have been an accident, though her parents don’t accept this. Doctor Who: In “Boom Town”, Blon explains the deaths of everyone who investigated her planned nuclear power station as accidents. Cathy: The number of deaths associated with this project. It’s not my fault if “Danger: Explosives” was only written in Welsh.