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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. At Marvel in New York in the ’60s, he created the comic book characters that dominate the box office today. He’s in need of a superhero himself. The comic book legend — whose creative tenure at the helm of Marvel Comics beginning in New York in the early 1960s spawned Spider-Man, Black Panther and the X-Men and laid the foundation for superhero dominance in Hollywood that continues with the April 27 release of Avengers: Infinity War — sat in the office of his attorney Tom Lallas and signed a blistering declaration. 13 document, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, begins with some background, explaining that Lee and his late wife had arranged a trust for their daughter because she had trouble supporting herself and often overspent. It is not uncommon for J. 40,000 on credit cards, sometimes more,” the document states. He has resisted such changes, he states, because they “would greatly increase the likelihood of her greatest fear: that after my death, she will become homeless and destitute. The declaration then explicates how three men with “bad intentions” — Jerardo “Jerry” Olivarez, Keya Morgan and J.

Kirk Schenck — had improperly influenced his daughter, a woman with “very few adult friends. The document claims the trio has “insinuated themselves into relationships with J. Lee and “gain control over my assets, property and money. And while his primary role with the company is now mostly ceremonial — including a cameo in nearly every film — he remains a deity in fanboy culture. A few days after the declaration was notarized, however, Lee changed his mind — or someone did.

Whatever happened, Lallas was soon out as Lee’s attorney in a confrontation that grew tense enough that the LAPD was called to the legend’s Hollywood Hills home. Mike Kelly, Lee’s assistant for nearly a quarter-century who used to come by the house most days for one-on-one meetings, was limited to weekly pre-approved and supervised visits. The housekeeper and gardener, who had been with Lee for decades, were sent packing. Lee’s phone number has been changed, and his emails are being monitored and composed by Morgan. Stan Lee has macular degeneration and his eyes cannot see small letters,” Morgan explains. I have been taking him to the eye doctor and reading his e-mails for him for many years. This is his request, and he thanks me for helping him. When Morgan learned that THR had obtained a copy of the seemingly damning declaration, he filmed a video of Lee distancing himself from the document. In the clip, while Lee doesn’t deny signing the declaration, he calls its contents “totally incorrect, inaccurate, misleading and insulting.

Lallas says he went through the contents with Lee “word by word, line by line. Instead, Schenck, her lawyer, says “the story isn’t that J. Lee himself remains mostly silent, except for the brief recorded statements coordinated and released by Morgan. However, nearly all of the other players in the messy drama over Lee’s estate and well-being are speaking out. Their often conflicting stories reveal an increasingly toxic and combative situation involving broken alliances, abrupt expulsions and allegations of elder abuse against one of America’s most influential and beloved cultural icons.

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On several occasions, the turmoil drew the attention of law enforcement. Says one longtime insider: It’s “an utter shit show. As much as Stan Lee’s public life was defined by his fame and achievements, his family was shaped by the forceful personalities of his strong-willed, England-born, former-model wife, Joan, and their long-troubled dilettante daughter. Until recently, Lee and Joanie had been blessed with the good fortune of surviving into their 90s with mental acuity and physical agility that wowed those around them. Signs abounded that chaos would reign if Joanie were the first to die.

Stan Lee Media with Peter F. Joanie was always more successful at handling their unruly only daughter, with whom Stan has a powder-keg relationship. Though some with an intimate knowledge of the household speak of her vivacious spirit and kindness, the never-married J. Los Angeles, including, according to a dining companion at the time, the Chateau Marmont.

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According to household staff and business associates, there have been times when J. One incident took place in winter 2014, explains Lee’s former business and asset manager Bradley J. Jaguar convertible parked outside, which she thought had been purchased for her, was in fact only leased — and in her father’s name. According to Herman — whose active Hollywood client list he keeps private but who previously worked for Johnny Carson and Frank Sinatra — J. Joanie fell to the carpeted floor. Lee, seated in a nearby chair and looking stunned, told J. I’m going to stick you in a little apartment and take away all your credit cards!

I’ve had it, you ungrateful bitch! Olivarez, one of the “three men” named with “bad intentions” in Lee’s Feb. 13 declaration, has known him since 2010. A florist-turned-publicist, Olivarez initially entered the fold as a consultant to J. Lee after Joanie’s death and the title of “senior advisor” that sounds more glamorous than the reality: the grind of caretaking.

Still, Olivarez’s newfound prominence put him on a collision course with two men who had their own long-standing surrogate-son relationships with Lee. Anderson, a burly and brusque figure with a criminal record who had worked for more than a decade as Lee’s road manager, handling appearances and running a pop-up memorabilia exhibition on the Comic-Con circuit called the Stan Lee Museum. By December, Olivarez, who has a decades-long history of financial liens, had been iced out of Lee’s life. 850,000 condo with misappropriated Lee funds. Lee told me I had given him a new lease on life after Mrs. I had looked out for him during recent contract negotiations with Pow! He gave me a check as a thank-you.

As for the condo, Olivarez claims Lee is on the title and that, because of unspecified death threats Olivarez had received, Lee had wanted him to live close in “a secure building where he thought I’d be safe. According to Olivarez, Morgan and Anderson felt threatened by his clout with Lee and fabricated these charges to drive a wedge between them. He says Morgan wanted Lee to quit Pow! Morgan’s, and he became upset when Olivarez thwarted that plan. Meanwhile, Olivarez says Anderson grew hostile when he scrutinized Anderson’s claim that he owned the artifacts in the Stan Lee Museum outright, rather than possessing them on loan. Olivarez believes Morgan led a “smear campaign” against him that continues to this day. He cites a recent attempt to taint an idea he calls a “cool” merchandising effort — blending Lee’s blood into special “DNA” ink used in pens and stamps — into something sinister.