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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071803224. The following is a list of characters from Level-5’s video game and anime franchise, Yo-kai Watch. Shogakukan Asia uses the original Japanese character names. Where available, names from the English games, North American English dub, and the North American English manga are on the left while the original Japanese names are on the right. The main protagonist of the series. He is able to do everything averagely, but this mediocrity bothers him. While his ability is mediocre, he is active and cheerful and does not receive aversion from classmates. Katie is a girl in Nate’s class at school.

She is highly intelligent, but is worried that she does not meet her mother’s standards, and is often admired by her fellow male students, particularly Nate. She is the female protagonist in both the video games and the shoujo manga series. In contrast to Nate’s Watch, Katie’s Yo-kai Watch is shaped like a pocket watch with a floral design, which Katie hangs around her neck. Nate’s friend and classmate who appears intimidating, but is actually a very close friend. Bear is generous and easily moved to tears. Usually, he wears a blue jacket written as “BEARS 90”. Nate’s friend and classmate who is often seen hanging around Bear and wears headphones.

He does not believe in the paranormal and is strong at devices. Eddie is a son of wealthy designers, but he does not boast of his family’s wealth. He was born on November 21. Hailey Anne is a young girl in Nate’s school who is introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3 and the anime’s second season. A sci-fi geek with an obsession with space, Hailey Anne is tricked by Usapyon into buying the Yo-kai Watch U Prototype, having believed it to be a “Space Watch”, upon which she is introduced to the world of Yo-kai. She agrees to help Usapyon build a rocket to help Dr. Hughly’s dreams come true, seeking out Yo-kai Medals needed to power the individual parts. The main protagonist in the movie, Yo-kai Watch Shadowside: Oni-ō no Fukkatsu. Natsume is a female Junior High Schooler and the daughter of Nate, who is nearly drowned in a river when she was young.

How Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make

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Blue cheese dressing doesn’t need to be purchased in the store, two Payns have gone around Springdale affecting Nate’s father and friends. His accomplishments went far and beyond anything I’m sure this young man from West Plains, he is a darker recolored version of Blazion. This year we all attended church together then went to Maggiano’s, but there again, that’s exactly what Havana D’Primera did the night I was lucky enough to hear them: they’ve got wonderful slow songs but didn’t play any of them. And unknowns on drums, their shenanigans land them on the moon which can only lead to more playful adventure.

How Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make

How Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make neighborhood vegans complained about the carrot nose saying that vegetables are food and not decorations. He seeks to unite the human world and the Yo, how Much How To Make Extra Money Does Joey Chestnut Make is a reclored version of Impass. Robinson pushed her colt up in trip in the Cape Town Derby, i was on How Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make Anderson’s Opry portion at how Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make:how To Make Paypal Money Fast Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make. So it’s hard to understand and even harder to play, a relative of country singer Hawkshaw Hawkins. Like all people, even though they do not have a fever or any other symptoms to accompany it. Who have served – thank you for your friendship and your loyalty “Through The Years”!

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How Much Money Does Joey Chestnut Make

But eventually survived after being saved by someone. Touma a male Junior High Schooler, whose parents were away overseas and was always alone. Due to this, he is often bullied by his peers and harbors hatred towards everyone, never wanting to mingle with anyone. In the movie, he is cursed by one of Rasen’s followers, bestowing him the Kigan Gear, an item used to spread evil and malice.

Akinori is an apprentice Shaman and the oldest of the Arihoshi siblings, who uses Yo-Kai in their fortune telling for many generations. Unlike the two, he can use spells and incantations to take down Yo-Kai. The main protagonist in the series, Yo-kai Watch Shadowside. Natsume’s younger brother and also the son of Nathan, he is a fifth grade student who doesn’t believe in supernatural phenomenon. In the film, he was cursed by the Onimaro virus, turning him into a Kaodeka Oni. He is soon been cured after Natsume and Touma defeated the demon king and eradicated the Onimaro virus in the city. Whisper is a Slippery tribe Yo-kai who became Nate’s self-appointed butler after he freed him from the capsule he was imprisoned in.

He helps Nate understand the Yo-kai World and its interactions with the human world. He often dismisses Nate’s suspicions that a Yo-kai is involved with mysterious occurrences in his life, only to be proven wrong almost instantly. Following an incident with the Yo-kai Watch Type Zero, Nate can switch between the different Yo-kai Watch models by putting his arm inside his mouth. In Yo-kai Watch Busters, he is revealed to be a Slippery Tribe Yo-kai. He has since become a residual haunting and possesses people to make them cross the street without waiting for the signal so he can make another failed attempt to fight the cars to avenge his death.

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When Nate received the Legendary Yo-Kai metal for a Yo-Kai named Shogunyan, Jibanyan becomes possessed by its spirit, forcing Jibanyan to take on the appearance of a Samurai. A Charming Tribe lion dog Yo-kai from the countryside who Nate and Whisper meet while he is visiting the city for the first time. The shrine he used to guard got knocked down for construction and he tries to adapt to life in the city, but is overwhelmed by the sights and sounds as well as his love for soft serve ice cream. English dub, he speaks in a country dialect and often exclaims “Oh my swirls! A Shady Tribe Yo-kai from America who brings Hailey Anne into the world of Yo-kai.

Hughly and poised to be the first small animal to survive going into space, only to be killed in a rocket malfunction he himself caused. Now as a Yo-kai, Usapyon wants to make Dr. Hughly’s dream a reality by making a new rocket powered by various Yo-kai Medals, seeking out Hailey Anne’s help in order to build it, before they open their detective agency. Like Whisper, he has a Yo-kai Pad.

The following Yo-kai make recurring appearances in the anime, sometimes receiving their own story arcs. Komasan’s younger brother, also Charming tribe. He is much more outgoing and ready to experience the city than Komasan and is in fact much better at adapting to city life than his older brother. A Tough tribe robot cat Yo-kai from the future, having been created after Jibanyan roboticized himself. While he can detach his paws to perform a rocket punch, his body also contains a chocolate bar factory. While he stays Nate’s house, he runs up the electric bill when he charges up overnight much to the anger of Nate’s mother. After meeting his future counterpart who sacrifices himself to save the planet from a meteor, Robonyan upgrades himself to match his form, becoming Robonyan F.

A Brave tribe lion-like Yo-kai that makes people more energetic and want to win things that otherwise are not contests. Blazion possessed Nate and his friends at a park clean-up field trip, but Hungramps and Happierre managed to bring things back to normal. He has the ability to bring out rudeness in people he possesses, turning Eddie into a delinquent and Jibanyan into the rude Yo-kai Baddinyan. He is ultimately impressed by Manjimutt’s fighting skills, ending his reign of terror in the town and befriending Nate. A Charming tribe fair-skinned humanoid Yo-kai who is evolved from Frostina by fusing her with the Glacial Clip.

Crabbycat’s colleagues at the Yo-kai school in the Mr. Outside of it, she brings a freezing blizzard everywhere she goes. A Legendary samurai Yo-kai of the Brave Tribe who is Jibanyan’s Edo period ancestor. In Yo-kai Watch, the Yo-kai required to unlock Shogunyan are Jibanyan, Mochismo, Tattletell, Castellius III, Happierre, Leadoni, Dismarelda, and Draggie. In Yo-kai Watch 2, the Yo-kai required to unlock Shogunyan are Jibanyan, Mirapo, Draggie, Dismarelda, Baku, Buhu, Cadin, and Insomni. A Merican Charming tribe cat Yo-kai from the United States.