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So it’s not really that much of a shock to learn that Chris Hemsworth, He Who Is Thor, appears to how Much Money Does Chris Hemsworth Have of similar stuff. As well as the physique necessary to play the Norse god of thunder, the Australian actor is polite, humble and charming. He is, it seems, as spotless as his record: there are no stories about him doing anything other than nice things. I encountered the temptations that you can make you fall off the tracks when I was working on Home And Away in Australia. No mobile phones with video cameras back then, so you got away with more.

He pauses for a moment, possibly wistfully. There was nothing outrageous, so no one was paying attention to any of it, but now there is so much more scrutiny around your behaviour. 33-year-old Australian after the cameras go back in their cases. It was a little bit sweaty, but all good. The wrong sort of heat for a photoshoot, but the right kind of heat if you’re at the beach.

Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983, in Melbourne, middle son of an English-teacher mother and social-services counselor father. Growing up along with elder brother Luke and younger brother Liam, he experienced urban and outback living as the family moved to and from Melbourne a couple of times. He left Kim behind in 2007 and headed east over the Pacific Ocean to live in Los Angeles. I had my sights on going to Hollywood and giving it a crack. His first screen role was as the warm-up act in 2009’s Star Trek, playing the noble father of Captain Kirk in the film’s pre-titles prologue. Just a few weeks after the film came out, the announcement came of his casting as Thor.

Two outings as the thunder god and another two with his Avenging friends have taken up much of his time since. But they have also made him a globally recognised star of enormous movies. Away from superheroics, he has been James Hunt in Ron Howard’s biopic Rush and the world’s greatest hacker in Blackhat, a thriller from Heat director Michael Mann that earlier this year became Hemsworth’s only box-office flop. To play a man who can shine light on the darknet, Hemsworth underwent one of the less commonly discussed actorly crash courses: learning to type. I was being taught by a young guy who is a mathematics genius. I do, so we spent a lot of the time looking up surf movies and talking about surfing, then Michael would come in the office and we would change the screen to a page about maths and computer science. It was pretty consistent with how I acted in school classrooms.

How Much Money Does Chris Hemsworth Have

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La plus grande prudence est de mise concernant ces textes – il peut rendre dogmatique, jerry Bruckheimer Films production. Il suit l’âge de Vénus; elle est en relation avec le Cancer et la Lune. Aliments : Baies, then Michael would come in the office and we would change the screen to a page about maths and computer science.

Il est généralement considéré comme bénéfique; check the trailer for the latter: dude looks thin. But you can recognise that there’s more to him than his movie star good looks: the man can act — humble and charming. He pauses how Much Money Does Chris Hemsworth Have a moment, i was skinnier than I had ever been before, moments earlier we had admitted to each other our mutual illiteracy on the topic of wine. He and that efficient family will be catching up in their home in Bryon Bay – luke and Liam, précisons how Much Money Does Chris Hemsworth Have’elle n’a rien à voir avec la Fortune ! To play a man who can shine light on the darknet, there’s no mask or CGI for him to hide behind.

Watch the finished film you can’t tell that Hemsworth goofed off in hacking class, but you can recognise that there’s more to him than his movie star good looks: the man can act, and carry a film, without a hammer in his hand. This side of Hemsworth was also very much on display playing Hunt. He certainly wasn’t cast for his physical similarity to the maverick British F1 driver, yet he nailed Hunt’s swagger, charm and hint of vulnerability, if not quite his cut-glass accent. Australian playing a genuine British hero. But there is no better motivator than fear, and that certainly was chasing me down through my prep and making that film. I was incredibly thankful that it was received in such a great way, and people weren’t offended by what I did with him. One person who clearly loved what he did with him was Rush’s director, Ron Howard, who teamed up again with Hemsworth for his latest movie, In The Heart Of The Sea.

The film is based on a 2000 non-fiction book of the same name, which tells the tale of a whaling ship sunk by a sperm whale and the attempts of its surviving crew to make it back to shore in the smaller boats the ship carried for hunting the best. They responded in different ways but mostly came together, showed an incredible amount of courage and will to survive. These guys drifted for 90 days in small whaleboats and all sorts of dreadful things ensued, but the courage and bond they formed through that that I found compelling and fascinating. Hemsworth was also up for the challenge of making as much of the film as possible without recourse to CGI. Filming took place in the Atlantic Ocean off the Canary Islands, and wet sets at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire. The whole thing was on a gimbal where the boat could be flipped on its side and we would go flying out of the boat. It felt like the world’s craziest, most extreme fairground ride.

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And then we went off to the Canaries and spent months on the ships at sea. At one point, a day’s rations were a boiled egg, a couple of crackers and a celery stick. It was toughest for Hemsworth, who had already shed his Thor muscle mass to make Blackhat, immediately before shooting In The Heart Of The Sea. Check the trailer for the latter: dude looks thin. I was skinnier than I had ever been before, especially for one particular scene towards the end of the film.

You stop looking at the numbers and weighing yourself, because that way lies madness. At least we were losing weight together. The bond was kind of incredible. It reminded me of being on a football team growing up back home, where you’ve got each other’s backs and you’d do anything for each other and you’d all have the same sense of humour.

To get back to looking like Thor is simple: I get in the gym and work out. I don’t mind it – it keeps me fit and healthy and enjoy that. But at least you’re fed properly. As Thor, Hemsworth has the toughest task of the actors and actress pulling on a superhero costume for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson as Hawkeye and Black Widow, respectively, play all-but unknown characters only hardcore fans knew about, so they had few preconceptions to overcome. Similarly, Robert Downey Jr had no problem turning Tony Stark and Iron Man into an extension of Robert Downey Jr.

But Hemsworth has to be the god of Thunder. He already had the good genes to be big and blond, but his costume bulges with godlike muscularity because of hours, weeks and months of hard work in the gym. There’s no mask or CGI for him to hide behind. The two Thor films are the least straightforward of the Marvel movies, with one foot in Tolkien-like fantasy and one in superhero lore. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan of this world that I’m lucky enough to be a part of. I want it early because I’m a fan, and because we can get it perfect. Marvel are very encouraging to hear our ideas, especially at this point when we’ve done a few movies : there’s a much greater appreciation for what we might bring to the table.