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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to how Much Money Do Messeges Make sure you’re not a robot. ALERT: If you receive an automated phone call from the IRS or someone claiming to be the IRS, it is NOT the IRS. There has been a known scam running for almost 2 years where people are receiving calls claiming that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against them. The IRS will not attempt to reach you by phone, they will do so only through the mail.

They will not use scare tactics or demand money, nor threaten to bring in law enforcement. They will not require a specific payment method for taxes. This particular phone phishing scam has apparently been going on for about a year and a half, and unfortunately many people are falling for it as the perpetrators use extremely aggressive scare tactics. This morning I received a call from a 347 area code number that appeared to be from New York. That is my state of residence and so that was one reason I thought it might be legitimate. I didn’t listen to the voicemail right away, but about an hour or two later I received a call and voicemail from the same number. Thinking it must be important, I listened to the voicemail. My heart definitely fell through the floor.

I immediately started to question what I could have done wrong, then worried that my accountant had somehow screwed up my taxes. It was a scary message to hear. I was preparing to either call the number or call my accountant, when a small voice in the back of my head told me to Google it. I didn’t think it was a scam. Well, much to my relief the number one result in Google was information that this type of call is absolutely a scam.

I went through relief, and then some anger that they caused me stress. I couldn’t resist calling back out of curiosity to see what they would say, and maybe get a bit of harmless revenge. Some Harmless Revenge I dialed the number and the first time it was busy. The second time it rang, but rang forever. This time a woman with a thick Indian accent answered the phone and asked me to give my name. I asked if I could get her name first. I asked her to prove to me that she was from the IRS. Well, that was fun but much too short.

I called again and got a different woman, same sounding accent. She asked for my telephone number, and I asked her if she knew she was scamming people out of thousands of dollars. Silence, for a bit, then she quietly said I don’t understand. I asked her if she spoke English, and that she should understand me if she actually worked for the IRS. Then I told them never to call me again. It actually sounded like she was going to cry, so maybe I got to her conscience a little bit. While satisfying, I doubt they will stop the scam anytime soon because of me.

I keep getting calls from the IRS! These calls come with a variety of different techniques. Some will be from a live person. Others will use an automated message telling you to call the number.

How Much Money Do Messeges Make

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How Much Money Do Messeges Make

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How Much Money Do Messeges Make In Our Generation

How Much Money Do Messeges Make

They all use fake similar names, and sometimes claim to be detectives rather than IRS agents. They will sometimes claim that there is an arrest warrant pending and that your property or address is under investigation. If you DID get a phone call from these guys, you can report your experience to the FTC and the US Treasury. I’m not exactly sure what they are doing to stop them as they appear to be operating overseas and using numbers designed to look like they are coming from the United States. However, it’s the best you can do for now. Let friends and family know about the scam as well, especially those that are likely to fall victim to the scheme.

I posted about the scam on social media right after I hung up with them. The more people that know about this, the better. Those who might be vulnerable to this scam are the elderly and immigrants who do not understand the IRS or how US law enforcement works and are already nervous about doing anything wrong. I also noticed that calls from scammers and other telemarketers seem to spike after signing up for a hosting account or buying a new domain name.

When you sign up for web hosting you should definitely ensure that your domain name is registered privately so that your personal information is not on display. For more information you can read the FTC Consumer Blog post about the scam and some information on how to proceed. UPDATE: I continue to get multiple calls from these scam artists from different numbers, sometimes twice in one day. The only thing that I did when I noticed a new wave of these calls was that I had registered for a new domain. I do believe that these con artists are scraping people’s numbers from various sources, and I believe that new domain name signups are one source.

Leave a comment below and tell us what happened and what the caller’s tactics were. Bill Gordon has been writing on tech and malware subjects for 6 years and has been working in the internet and tech industry for over 15 years. He currently lives in Southern California. Thank you Bill for this info.

IRS, the state Dpt, Homeland Security, etc. To call back the number they left me. After I hang up the phone, I felt somewhat scared, very stress to said the least. 6:30 am saying that there was a warrant out for my arrest and I need to call this number. I’ve called it all day but it just rings until it shuts itself off.

Should I disregard or call the irs number provided online? I just received a phone call from area code 434. I told the guy with a heavy accent that the IRS doesn’t contact people by phone he proceeded to tell me you don’t understand. I once again told him the IRS doesn’t call people. He responded that since I wasn’t going to listen he was hanging up and he did.

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It’s so frustrating to keep getting these calls. I’m a hardworking tax payer and these people keep stealing money from innocent individuals. They had been trying to reach me for 6 months with not contact or return and they were now filing a lawsuit against me and my family and put a warrant out for my address. I was directed to call immediately to I guess fix this so called defrauding of the government. I get these calls from time to time on both my cell phone and home landline. Generally, I no longer answer ANY calls from numbers I don’t recognize unless the call’s ID shows, as in WHO it is.

Even then, if I don’t know the caller, I don’t answer. IF a caller IS legit, he or she will leave a message. Just got a phone call new it was a scam one thing I know if the irs won’t to get in touch with. 205-5806 and I’m tired of this.

Just got my call from the IRS 631-412-7015. Officer Michael Clark, with a very thick accent, informed me I had 90 minutes to resolve my IRS issue. California that is currently on fire. He said I had to go to my local IRS office to resolve my issue and hung up on me. They are calling from 347 area code and left 2 messeges telling me I have someone pressing 3 charges against me.

If I don’t call them back they will be a warrant smh. It’s the same foreign guy both times. I just got two calls today stated that i have 3 criminal lawsuits against me they had called my house phone twice and left me two of the same message area code 347 809 5532. And it just rang and rang then i had my wife call from cell phone and they answered she ask who they were calling for and they said for me she had told the guy that sounded indian i don’t live here no more and he said ok and hung up was that a scam or what? I received a call from Houston area code phone number. This woman proceeded to tell me I had an arrest warrant out for tax fraud. Once I called back she asked me to verify certain things, of which many I gave her wrong.

She gave me her badge number says she works for the IRS as an agent and then I would be arrested by the local sheriff with in the next couple days. I asked her a couple of simple questions. Got a call from 347-408-0465 trying to pull this scam. The entire time I knew it was a scam and little did they know they were trying to scam a CPA who happens to know one or two things about the IRS. I basically wasted as much time of Mr. Fictional Ryan Cooper’s time as possible so he has less time to scam other people. I would constantly read him back his case number wrong, ask him how to spell Internal Revenue Service, and even threw out things such as well can I please give you my Blockbuster Debit Card number?