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We recommend you untick this box if you’re using a public computer as someone else might be able to access your quote. If you’re going to the United States on holiday, a dollar prepaid card could be a welcome addition to your wallet. If swap completes earlier than requested, you will only be charged the original swap rate. You can also load your card via the free mobile app. As a FairFX customer, you automatically earn 3. There is a fee of 1. THIS OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO NEW CUSTOMERS THROUGH MONEYSUPERMARKET. 200 or local equivalent per month.

Specific fees apply for some smaller currencies – see revolut. BY FOLLOWING THE ADJACENT LINK, ENTERING THEIR MOBILE NUMBER ON THE PAGE AND FOLLOWING THE SIGN-UP TEXT. You can reload at Travelex UK stores, online, over the phone or by bank transfer. Usage in a country in a different currency to what is loaded on the card results in a 5. Although Travelex do not charge ATM fees, some operators may charge their own fee or set their own limits. And while you may have taken out cash for your last trip, it’s highly likely that you’ll be considering a prepaid card for your travel money this time. Dollar prepaid cards Dollar prepaid cards offer the same convenience as a debit or credit card, but charges are typically much lower, as these cards are specifically designed for overseas use. Once you’ve spent the dollars you’ve loaded on to the card, you can top it up whenever you want to and, if you lose it, you can cancel the card and be issued with a replacement or emergency cash.

Lower charges If you’re one of the 22. That’s because foreign exchange fees can soon mount up when you use a debit or credit card in the USA – but you may be able to avoid these fees with a dollar prepaid card. Many dollar prepaid cards are transaction-fee free, and some will let you withdraw dollars at an ATM for free, up to a certain limit. But with a debit or credit card you could be charged a foreign currency charge of between 2. This doesn’t mean that a dollar prepaid card is always free to use. There could also be a replacement fee to pay if you want to replace your card the next year. Limit your spending It’s all too easy to overspend when you’re abroad, and if you take a debit or credit card on holiday you can dip into your overdraft before you know it, or end up borrowing more than you’d planned. The beauty of a prepaid card is that you can only spend the dollars that you’ve put on it, making it especially useful if you’re trying to keep to a budget.

Make currency movements work for you You can also use your dollar prepaid card to take advantage of favourable exchange rates in the run up to your visit to the States. Try to load your card when the exchange rate is in your favour, so that you get more bang for your buck. Remember however, that if you load the card with dollars well in advance of your trip and the pound strengthens, you won’t be able to benefit as you locked into the exchange rate at the time. But, of course, if the pound weakens, you will be in a better position, as your dollars will be worth more. This means that if you carry more than the equivalent maximum in US dollars and you were to have your wallet stolen, you would risk being uninsured or only able to claim for the maximum amount. This concern, coupled with the fact that you can pay with cards almost everywhere in America, means that carrying cash is a risky way to manage your spending. If you use a prepaid currency card instead, you can cancel a lost or stolen card immediately by contacting the card provider and you may be able to get emergency cash or be sent a replacement card as soon as possible. Another security concern while spending abroad is the risk of having your card cloned, and your bank account drained while you’re away. A prepaid card limits this risk, because if it were to happen then you’d only lose the balance of the card.

However, if you fell victim to this kind of crime, you may find it more challenging to recover the money stolen from a prepaid card. Some prepaid cards also come with apps that alert you every time a dollar is spent. Each card has their own benefits, from fee-free withdrawal limits, to bonus travel money when you load a certain amount. Make sure you compare the card and transaction fee, and the UK and international ATM fees to get an understanding of what it will cost you to use the prepaid dollar card. You should also compare the exchange rate, to see how many dollars you can get for your budget. When you think you’ve found the right solution for your next trip, always review the details of it before you sign up.

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