How Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just how Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money to make sure you’re not a robot. Set aside a day to browse the entire ebay site. Make a note of the pages you’ll need in the future, such as the “Services” page, which contains a treasure trove of tools and services. Often, they’re right under your nose, such as merchandise your local retailer would liquidate. Make an offer to clear out the re-tailer’s old or damaged stock.

Don’t start out with just one product or product line. Spend time on ebay browsing outside your normal categories. Find out what’s hot at www. Become a trading assistant and sell other people’s items for a commission. Being too careful can cost you.

If you’re not familiar with the product you’re trying to sell, educate yourself before you write the description. If you describe the item incorrectly, buyers may be leery of bidding. Even worse, buyers could decide not to bid on any of your future items if they’re under the impression that you don’t know what you’re selling. The more correct information you have and use, the more credible you’ll become in the buyers’ eyes. Getting verified will help get you past a lot of the restrictions placed on new sellers. Choose your ebay user ID wisely. Pick a name that’s descriptive, easy to remember and instantly identifiable with your niche. As long as each user ID you create is sent to a separate e-mail address, you can create as many user IDs as you want.

So if you decide to start selling car accessories in addition to Hummel figurines, you might choose another user ID that would be more pertinent to your new product line, such as “Mustangsrock” or “Supeduphotrods. If you’re selling from home, set up a dedicated space with areas for inventory storage, packing materials, photographing and, of course, a desk for your computer and printer. The best businesses are orderly and organized. Set up a designated area within your business location used only for photography. You can use household lighting and inexpensive cloth or paper backdrops. When taking pictures of the items you’re selling, choose a camera with good macro-lens and auto-focus features, and make sure it easily interfaces with your computer. Tips 16 to 31 Create Your Listing16. Listings formatted with HTML look more professional than plain, unformatted text.

With the HTML editor, you can format description text quickly and easily. When you write your title, don’t use all capital letters. Uppercase and lowercase letters are easier to read and will help people quickly see what you’re selling. When creating your listings, provide a complete and specific item description with as many clear, detailed photos as possible. You cannot over-describe or overrepresent your item.

Not sure what information to include along with your item description? Clearly list your terms and conditions, as well as shipping, returns, warranty and guarantee policies. You can use an existing template to help separate the terms and conditions into sections and highlight them with bullet points, so people can read them easily. Before you place a listing, consider the best times for starting and ending an auction for your particular product. For example, if you had American flags to sell, you would probably want the listing to end several days before the Fourth of July, rather than just after it–thus allowing you enough time to ship your product to your buyers in time for the holiday.

How Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money

How Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money Expert Advice

Once the buyer has paid, has anybody had any luck selling clothes on these other sites. This is just a guide, they are adding more cities all the time. EBay has announced they will allow sellers to cancel auctions, bay canceled our stores after selling with them for over a year.

How Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money

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How Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money

For advanced users, use seller’s assistant pro. It will help you put your listings together offline, then load them onto the site using its bulk-loading feature. You can feed a bidding frenzy on your item by using a low opening bid price and no Reserve, which should attract more bidders at the outset. The more people bidding on your listing, the more likely that two or more of them will get drawn into a personal bidding war. Don’t get stuck in a rut. If an item isn’t selling as well as it once did, take a look at your photos, title and description to see if they can be freshened up.

If you can’t sell an item with enough of a profit margin, it’s probably not worth your time and effort to sell that item. Once the buyer has paid, arrange for shipping as soon as possible. Make sure you pack the item securely. Be reasonable with shipping and handling costs. These costs often make the difference for buyers choosing between your listing and the competition’s. One sure way to get buyers to move on to another listing is to bait them with a low price and then spring high shipping and handling costs on them.

Have a regular shipping day or days. State those dates in your listings so people know when to expect their packages. Schedule courier pickups through the USPS web site–it’s free, and your regular mail carrier will come to get your packages. All you have to do is pay the postage, and you won’t have to wait in long lines at the post office. You can even insure the packages without having to go through a lot of hassles. Once the item is shipped out, track the package and make sure it has been delivered. Follow up with a quick e-mail to the buyer, asking for feedback and whether the item was satisfactory.

Tips 32 to 51 Customers First32. Provide prompt, punctual and courteous responses to any questions your customers might have. People will probably want to do business with you again if they receive a pleasant response from you. Never forget that the customer is king. When in doubt, always think like a buyer.

How Do China Ebay Sellers Make Money

If you do, you will be able to better anticipate what buyers want and plan your business accordingly. Treat your customers like you would treat guests in your home. Be willing to help them when there are problems. Eliminate the roadblocks to selling your products. It’s a roadblock to selling your item, making a profit and moving on to the next sale. This is my golden rule of retail: Make sure customers who come in the door have a way to pay, and customers who leave have a smile and a full shopping cart.

Communicate as soon as possible with all buyers who e-mail you. If you make a mistake and something’s not sent when it should have been, let the customer know the truth. Schedule time once a week for posting feedback–no more than 15 minutes. You have to do it to be successful. Create a couple of generic feedback statements, such as “Great buyer, quick payment, great trans,” check the spelling, then cut and paste these generic statements into your feedback submissions. People don’t care what you say, as long as it’s positive.

The program also gives you statistics, your markup and a lot of other helpful data. 25 if you’re listing 100 items per week. Also pay attention to hidden costs like shipping supplies and postage. Determine their best business practices, and adopt them. For example, if your competition is offering goods similar to yours at about the same price, consider driving customers to your items by offering free shipping on some or all of them. Don’t be afraid to put some items away and wait for your competition to sell out. Profits definitely rise when you’re the only source of a popular item.

Cultivate your customer database–it’s a gold mine. You can use it to market any of your new items directly to qualified customers. For example, you could send a monthly newsletter to your database to describe your new products or to give these customers discounts. But before you proceed with any marketing campaign using your buyers’ e-mail addresses, be sure you understand and comply with the national spam laws. It should read something like “If you need additional products or services, please visit my Storefront at storefront. These tools allow you to choose which merchandise is featured in your store, so you can choose items that might be of interest to somebody already buying one of your listed items.

Don’t limit yourself to buyers in the United States. Many brands that are popular and easy to come by in the United States are practically impossible to get elsewhere. Remember this simple rule for non-U. 8, depending on the current rate of exchange. And consider the additional shipping charges that may apply before you agree to ship the product outside of the country. Whether you are launching or growing a business, we have all the business tools you need to take your business to the next level, in one place.

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