How Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money

How the Koch Brothers Are Influencing U. Professor Pearl Wang, Associate Chair of the Computer Science department at George Mason University, speaks with Khadija Allotey, 22, a how Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money student from Strayer University, during an orientation session. The Koch brothers are supersizing their already hefty investments into college students’ hearts and minds. 2014, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of tax documents recently filed with the Internal Revenue Service. 3 million the Charles Koch Foundation and Fred C.

7 million they spent in 2012. Meanwhile, private foundations led by liberal political bankroller George Soros — the Kochs’ de facto Democratic foil who also heavily funds higher education — spent slightly more money on a smaller number colleges and universities than the Koch foundations did during 2014. The most notable difference: While some of Soros’ higher education grants go to programs aligning with his domestic policy priorities, the majority are focused overseas, tax records show. Almost all of the higher education programs the Koch foundations fund cleave to the brothers’ philosophy of promoting free markets and laissez-faire capitalism in the United States. The vast number of agreements between wealthy donors and the college and universities they fund are never made public, so it’s impossible to comprehensively assess the conditions attached by such benefactors. George Mason University, a public school in Northern Virginia about 15 miles from Washington, D.

8 million — the majority of the money Koch foundations last year directed at higher education in 2014, and by far the most of any recipient. Charles Koch has long maintained close personal and financial ties to the university, which hosts a pair of research centers specializing in free market economics and individual liberty: the Mercatus Center and Institute for Humane Studies. The Catholic University of America in Washington, D. Troy University in Alabama and Indiana University. Charles Koch Foundation spokesperson Trice Jacobson wrote in a statement. Our giving has expanded to support new research and programs on critical issues ranging from criminal justice reform to corporate welfare. Beyond sheer dollars, the Koch foundations are also giving money to more U. That’s up from 210 schools in 2013 and 163 schools in 2012. In all, 41 states and the District of Columbia house at least one college or university that received Koch foundation funding during 2014.

That represents a modest dip from 2013, when schools in 46 states and the District of Columbia got Koch foundation cash. In addition to direct college funding, the Charles Koch Foundation and Fred C. 4,000 each — to college students, tax records show. The Charles Koch Foundation in 2014 also spread several million dollars more among various think tanks, educational centers and media organizations. In contrast to the Koch foundations, Soros’ cash typically went to foreign schools, U.

Take Bard College, a tiny school along New York’s Hudson River that Soros foundations last year gave more cash than any other. 1 million specifically helped fund the school’s international programs. 200,000 to support programs improving medical and public health systems in Myanmar, while Georgetown University in Washington, D. 100,000 to host Guatemala’s former attorney general as a visiting scholar at the school’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Some of Soros’ domestic contributions are, however, directed at interests here at home.

How Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money

How Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money Expert Advice

Koch has given money to support public policy research focused on “developing voluntary, there’s an air of mystery about them. A conservative think tank it helped fund, howard Marshall who served on the board of Koch Industries before his death. National Republican Senate Committee and National School Choice Week. Like the Kochs’ heavy, the Farmers: Dick Farmer is from Ohio.

How Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money

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How Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money

100,000 Soros’ Open Society Institute gave Wesleyan University in Connecticut to fund military veteran scholarships. But some contributions closely align with Soros’ domestic political and policy leanings, such as campaign finance regulation. Jonathan Kaplan said in a statement. We do not compete with or judge what other philanthropies do with their resources. The Center for Public Integrity receives funding from the Open Society Foundations, which Soros funds. A complete list of Center for Public Integrity funders is found here.

750 million during the 2016 election cycle. 7 million in its account, according to federal tax records. There are a few schools, however, that are no longer interested in getting a piece of that money. The University of Dayton in Ohio confirmed to the Center for Public Integrity that it is no longer accepting Koch-connected money.

How Did The Koch Brothers Make Their Money

And earlier this month, Suffolk University in Massachusetts split with the Beacon Hill Institute, a conservative think tank it helped fund — along with the Charles Koch Foundation. They did at Western Carolina University in North Carolina, where numerous faculty members fought against the school creating a center for free enterprise that’s slated to receive Charles Koch Foundation support. The Koch foundations aren’t likely to submit tax returns covering their 2015 contributions until November 2016. 4 million among 11 schools, booking those payments in 2015. 54 million over three years to support the Institute of Political Economy in the university’s Jon M.

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