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Oops, looks like the page is lost. This is not a fault, just an accident that was not intentional. Get great business ideas sent to you in email twice a week. Subscribe to the email Address Ideas For Business Business Know-How newsletter. Black Friday Deals for Your Business Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just for shopping for friends and family!

12 Tips for Retaining Millennial Employees Your Millennial employees aren’t as committed to your business as past employees were. Do PPC Ads Work for Small Business? Is the cost of advertising on Google and other pay-per-click networks too high for your small business? How to Get Referrals and Recommendations Referrals are an invaluable source of new customers for small businesses. When a friend or colleague recommends your business, the selling is already done for you.

How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework Today, enterprise organizations are attempting to use managerial mechanisms from previous ages to direct software delivery in this one. 5 Scary Actions that Haunt Your Reputation Is there someone at work you avoid just because they are so difficult to communicate with? Be sure you aren’t making these mistakes that cause YOU to be the one people avoid. How to Promote Your Business at Community Events and Festivals Festivals, business expos, health fairs, and other community events are all good opportunities to promote your business locally. 3 Tips to Unleash the Creative Entrepreneurs in Your Community Want to spur economic growth in your business region? One key is to support and nurture creative digital entrepreneurs in your community. Avoid These Types of Handshakes That Will Hurt Your Influence Is your handshake putting people off?

Here are eight types of handshakes that damage credibility and hurt your influence with others. Emergency Planning for Small and Home Businesses What would you do if a disaster struck your business? Most disasters aren’t preventable, and many aren’t even predictable. 10 Sources of Small Business Financing Looking for funding for your business? There are a wide variety of sources available, depending on your needs. How to Generate Leads Online and Turn Them Into Customers How can you generate leads online and turn them into customers for your small business?

Small Business Internet Success Tips What internet strategies and tools work for small businesses? How can your business use the Web to succeed, instead of being threatened by it? Boost Business with a Simple Thank You A simple “thank you” is all it takes to make your business stand out from the competition. But just printing it on your receipt and even saying it face to face isn’t enough. What to Do When a Valuable Employee Quits Your top employees are integral to your business’s success. So what happens when one of them resigns? Here’s a guide to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Email Address Ideas For Business

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Email Address Ideas For Business

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Email Address Ideas For Business

The 16 Types of Meetings That Get Work Done Make your meetings more productive and enjoyable by learning the 16 different types of meetings and how to use each of them best. 30 Years Online with Janet Attard and Business Know-How August 8, 2018, marks Janet’s 30th anniversary helping small businesses online. Killing Creativity: Is social media killing good art? The Internet and social media have made it easier for artists to share their work and gain an audience.

How to Save Time on Social Media Marketing Social media can quickly become a time suck that takes away from valuable business activities. 9 Tips to Work with Family—And Still Like Each Other Working with family members presents a unique set of challenges, but they are not insurmountable. How to Create an Effective Mentoring Program An effective mentoring program will help your best employees grow and become leaders within your company. Here are ten guidelines for creating an effective mentoring program for your business.

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Email Address Ideas For Business

Don’t Let Fear of Failure Slow Your Business Growth Is your fear of failure causing you to turn down opportunities that could help your business grow? Protect Your Business’s Online Reputation What are people saying about your business online? Most of us care about doing our jobs well, and about the relationships, we have with customers and employees. But your actions might be sending the opposite message. 5 Tips for Starting a Business Without Quitting Your Day Job How do you start your own business when you can’t afford to quit your job? Do your colleagues and employees think you’re trustworthy? And if they don’t, how do you go about building trust?